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A notable exception was the island of Galveston, the whole of which remained an open center of gambling, liquor, and prostitution until the 1950s.
The construction of the Texas and Pacific Railroad precipitated the founding in the early 1880s of Abilene, Colorado, and Big Spring, three ranching centers where saloons, gambling dens, and prostitutes attracted cowhands and other West Texans from throughout the region.The mayor wanted Galveston wide open, and so did his allies and supporters, among them the city's powerful racketeers, the graft-ridden police department, and much of the citizenry, who believed that the local economy depended on maintaining a reputation for unimpeded gambling, drinking, and prostitution.The Implied Consent law was passed requiring that drivers agree to breath tests when arrested for suspicion of driving while intoxicated.Galveston: a history of the island.Despite being known for his violent behavior, he was elected for a time as Austin's city marshal.When civic and religious groups, newspaper editors, and representatives from nearby military bases and national antiprostitution organizations turned on the pressure, police chiefs and other city officials pleaded a shortage of policemen, difficulty getting convictions, and weak county law enforcement that permitted unchecked vice just.Sporting District becoming one of the largest in the nation.North Texas State Fair and Rodeo.Public demand for repression continued to be sporadic rather than sustained.Metz, Leon (30 November 2006).

12 Towns and outposts from El Paso and San Antonio to Fort Griffin, Fort Worth, and Denison saw periodic arrivals of cowboys and traders flush with cash and frequently looking for entertainment including any form of vice a community might offer.6 In the 1840s German scientist and author Ferdinand von Roemer remarked on one of Houston's taverns: 6 Upon passing through large folding doors, one stepped into a spacious room in which stood long rows of crystal bottles on a beautifully decorated bar.Few city officials contended any longer that vice districts were an acceptable way to deal with prostitution and venereal disease.Salvant, Joan Usner; McComb, David.Houston, the unknown city, (1st.).Towns thus condoned prostitution under certain conditions.
Additionally during some periods individual communities and public officials have been accepting of many of these activities, even when they were illegal, because of corruption, because the activities were seen as inevitable, or often because the activities were economically important.

Nevertheless, these activities continued and for a time even grew, enabled by public's disdain for the new ordinances.