It is a huge operation since 400-600 women are transported to Sweden to be abused/ exploited in prostitution every year, and politicians in Sweden do not see a connection between trafficking and prostitutionwhy is it so?
One interesting aspect of the law is that fines are based on income.
So whats happening in Vancouver?
This is the profession we have arrested most often for sex purchases, Simon Häggström told TV4.In comparison to Sweden and Norway that tried to oppose prostitution by criminalizing the purchaser of sexual services.The Swedish law on prostitution, enacted 1999, makes it illegal to buy sexual services but not sell them in Sweden."We have a zero tolerance policy on issues like these the statement said.The feminist-led government viewed prostitution as violence against women and a clear sign of inequality.Hes become an international face of whats known as the Swedish or Nordic model and was in Vancouver this week countering the myths about.But the law has also attracted significant opposition, especially from sex workers rights organizations.Swedish police report a growing number of pimps and prostitutes in Stockholm using long-term rentals on the home-sharing website Airbnb without the owner's knowledge.Consequently, the hidden operation would make it even more difficult to reach women in prostitution with support and necessary protection.In 2014, a Swedish government study found that on-street prostitution had decreased by half compared to nine years earlier.Ten out of 14 drivers were happy to help a reporter with a hidden camera who claimed to want to find a prostitute.
Canada and Ireland are debating similar versions.
In 1998, the, international Labour Organization (ILO) recommended countries to legalize prostitution in order to benefit from the revenues.

The model appealed to many around the world, especially to a certain sub-section of feminists and progressives who say they are seeking to protect victimized women.If problems arise, we work quickly to take care of our hosts and guests and to permanently shut down users who abuse was cleopatra a prostitute our platform and community.".The servers are located abroad and the webpages pop up as fast as they disappear, explains Häggström.The government is inclined to raise questions about any business that involves people transacting money beyond the gaze of tax collectors, the police, or other regulators, she said.Prostitution is not hidden from police, Haggstrom insists, pointing out that in order to get buyers, sellers have to advertise.Some claim that prostitution is necessary and a reduction of prostitution may have direct negative consequences for society and is described as a safety valve.According to a survey completed by, dagens Nyheter (one of Swedens biggest daily newspapers) there are approximately 300 women circulating around Malmskillnadsgatan, Stockholm (the area where street prostitution is located in Stockholm) offering their sexual services.