prostitute verb examples

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Word rules of prostitution in amsterdam Origin and History for prostitute.Show More verb (used with object prostituted, prostituting.Cops say Teen refused to be a prostitute.Yes, I have prostituted myself for the sake of art.Examples from the Web for prostituted.So, the professor starts seeing student prostitutes.Please tell us where you read or heard it (including the", if possible).A man who engages in sexual acts for money.C16: from Latin prstituere to expose to prostitution, from pr- in public statuere to cause to stand.E caricava prostitute nei bar intorno al Reeperbahn.Marc daalder, Detroit Free Press, "Ohio woman allegedly kidnapped, forced into prostitution in Detroit At night, while her mom prostituted, Deshae would often stay with Khaleds brother or at a 24-hour day carebut even that was common in Vegas, where parents tend to work odd.Clair Shores, are accused of kidnapping a 20-year-old Ohio woman and profiting off of prostituting her.You are not obliged to enter your email address.What is the pronunciation of prostitute?Show More verb (tr) to offer (oneself or another) in sexual intercourse for money to offer (a person, esp oneself, or a person's talent) for unworthy purposes.Schmutz ziehen prostitute debase figurative(ly) figurativ, in übertragenem Sinnfig prostitute debase figurative(ly) figurativ, in übertragenem Sinnfig wegwerfen prostitute Talentet cetera, and so on etc., und so weiter etc figurative(ly) figurativ, in übertragenem Sinnfig prostitute Talentet cetera, and so on etc., und so weiter etc figurative(ly).

Word Origin and History for prostituted prostitute.Of prostitutus, past participle of prostituere (see prostitute (v.).He was hiring prostitutes through an escort service called Private Companion.Subscribe to America's largest dictionary and get thousands more definitions and advanced searchad free!Out-of-state condoms made it a federal crime, records say The Kansas City Star In her new show, Harlots, the actress who previously portrayed Lady Sybil on the much-beloved PBS series, plays Charlotte, a prostitute in 18th-century London, who is being pimped out by her own.Examples from the Web for prostitute.Però adescamento di prostitute, estorsione ad imprenditori e frodi assicurative."harlot, woman who offers her body indiscriminately" (usually for money 1610s, from Latin prostituta "prostitute fem.Close, what are red words?
A person who willingly uses his or her talent or ability in a base and unworthy way, usually for money.