In fact, most escorts have websites, so that clients can contact them officially and hire their services.
They just come in, do their business, and then they leave.It was a chance sighting a year ago by two off-duty employees of Sir Martin Sorrells escort lounge multi-billion-pound advertising empire WPP that was to culminate in his explosive exit from the company he founded 33 years ago.Clients pay escorts to have a really good time when they are with them.There are a number of escorts who are paid premium rates because they are excellent masseurs.And the downfall of the 500M ad man Martin Sorrell.A self-confessed workaholic, Sir Martin famously declared: I dont relax.Seedy: The 'beautiful model' sign on the Mayfair doorway that leads to the flat used by prostitutes, where Sorrell is accused of visiting.He is now setting up a rival company.Massage parlors are also covered under prostitution laws, and so the escort business is a convenient cover.A report subsequently concluded the money was immaterial and it was a personal matter for Sir Martin, it was said.The driver was a popular figure at WPPs Farm Street offices, said to be well liked by the personal assistants who helped Sir Martin maintain his exhausting round-the-clock schedule.
But storm clouds were gathering on the horizon for Sir Martin personally.

It is customary to have a female companion with you as a businessman.Better Pay, the most decisive difference between prostitutes and escorts is that escorts get paid much, much higher.This was the scene at 50a Shepherd Market, a nondescript flat above a bookies.Sir Martin was interviewed for two hours by WilmerHale partners on March.He has no complaint about there being an investigation if there needed to be one, but he felt it was badly conducted.The Sorrells fired him the next day, the FT claimed.
According to sources who spoke to the FT, it was already 2am and the driver was told he would have to be back in place for another job at 7am.
The spokesman added that Sir Martin strenuously denies the allegations.

The prostitutes advertising their services at the.3million one-bedroom address are described as young models in their twenties.
He was also accused of bullying staff and blurring the line between corporate and personal expenditure for himself and his wife.
Yesterday the FT claimed the investigation against him was triggered by a combination of factors including alleged verbal abuse of his staff, his sacking of a popular chauffeur last autumn and being spotted entering the brothel by a member of his staff who later reported.