Written informed consent for participation was obtained from each respondent.
FSWs also reported almost negligible use of condom with their regular partners.This finding highlights that the economic opportunities for women in rural areas are relatively less than those in the urban areas, and hence the former brothel in bury get into sex work earlier than the latter.The required sample size of FSWs was estimated as 6,500 to detect a significant change in high-risk sexual behaviour and in sexually transmitted infections between the baseline and follow-up studies.My parents were delighted to see.Data from the National Family Health Survey 2 13; data not available for women aged 5054 years.Were thinking of ways to integrate 70 year old prostitute them with the mainstream, but the proposals are still at the planning stage, he explains.Mallika recalls that food was hard to come by in her childhood, but things turned worse when her father fell sick.Andhra Pradesh Mature Singles, andhra Pradesh Cougars, andhra Pradesh BBW.Effective linkages for empowering women The National aids Control Organization (naco) is responsible for the national HIV/aids programme in India.This finding reinforces the fact that the turnover of FSWs is relatively more among the street-based as compared with the non-street-based FSWs.
The mean age at starting sex work for FSWs from rural areas was lower to those in the large urban areas.

The mean (median) age at starting sex work was lower for FSWs in rural areas.7 (21.0) years as compared with those in small-sized urban areas.3 (22.0) years, medium-sized urban areas.6 (24.0) years and large urban areas.9 (24.0) years, however, the difference.Rama now lives with her mother-in-law and 19-year-old son.Extrapolations of data from our study suggest that many women enter sex work due to economic reasons.Rani has come to terms with.The problem started 20 years ago, but there is a lack of rehabilitation measures for those who have been rescued or have managed to escape from brothels, she explains, adding that most of the women trafficked from AP end up in red-light areas in Pune.Delhi and Mumbai, andhra Pradesh and West Bengal states together account for 26 of the total number of prostitutes in the country, but Delhi and Mumbai (Bombay) are said to be the preferred places of operation.
She knows no other way of supporting herself, Mallika deadpans.
In the background of limited economic and social opportunities available to people belonging to scheduled caste and scheduled tribe, it is not surprising that these women have a higher representation in sex work as compared with the women belonging to the forward and backward castes.

None: Age at the first vaginal intercourse and at starting sex work is same.
The overall number of mean children was not very different between the FSWs and the women of Andhra Pradesh.