A lump of faecal excrement, when viewed floating in water.
A shortening of 'one-eyed trouser-snake'.E.g."She was all emotional and in a tizzy." Informal.A shambles, a 'cock-up'.Cunnilingus, from the fact that it's the same a French Kiss, but given down under.E.g."Stop tabhanging, and get on with your anal escorts surrey homework." See 'tab'.From reggae and originating in the West Indies.Shall I light the fire?" tatties Noun.A cross-dresser, usually male wearing female attire, and adopting feminine characteristics.E.g."There's a disgusting smell in here.

To sing one's own lyrics over a vocaless backing track.Anatomically, the area between the genitals and the anus.Of all quiet on the Western front, rhyming slang on ' cunt '.An imbecile, an objectionable person.Usually a demand by someone.E.g."Yes indeed, everything is just tickety-boo, I've never felt better." ticking off Noun.Originates from the proliferation of car theft in the UK during the 1990s.An imaginary guitar played by rock music fans whilst listening to their favourite tunes.A penis, implying its supposed usefulness.A jocular catch phrase that draws attention to an otherwise innocent statement by imbuing sexual innuendo.
An ugly person, usually referring to a woman.