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Jérôme Pina (azm51) - Athlete, Actor, Model, Producer, Extreme Workout & Training MMA. I merge the artistic world to the sport, to the epochs and to those that have simply called it life. It's a personal way of expressing the things I feel...★ LIKE ★ COMMENT ★ SUBSCRIBE ★ SHARE FOR MORE VIDEOS: PINA:► Instagram:► Facebook:► Youtube:► Contact him: PLAYLISTS:► Sport Motivation: Calisthenics: Bodybuilding & Fitness:

Marisol Villalobos


Layne Lewis

Why was nobody the mowna Lisa 🤣

Boi B

germany will win for sure\


Stay strong dylan

Ibrahim Abbasi

.i want these planas

Jonathan Sanchez

I wasn’t aware b**lying was a bad word


u can shoot the camera in any other places just aim it in the right way. I always do this back in the day even on the end stage you can shoot the camera with upgraded shotgun

Denise Garcia

My grandpa died too, he had a heart-attack even tho he was getting better

Ranga Rage

You guys are growing so much

Julie Barton

This boy I so humble, so pure, a definition of a dreaming maker, goal achiever, hard worker and his name is Joseph allen

Owen Menefee

Definetly "tall man"

EE9strada The Etni Estrada

Make a part 2 dude perfect!!!

David Erinforth

My uncle has type 2 diabetes. He is a carpenter and works a lot around heavy machinery.

Janine T.


Jonathan Latimer

When are you guys coming to Tampa!?!? Buccaneers Edition!!

okay wHAT???