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Mauky's LoL Channel

Raygun at first round? da fuq?

Lännen Nopein

*No man's lie

Myheart Airam

danni love dude perfect you make the world happy


I was 2 when my parents got divorced..im 13 now and im happy that my dad isnt with me now...he tried killing my mom by stabbing her with a knife once..

Billyjoe Kinnear


Mark Davids videos

idk the pain but it sounds like i would commit suicide but usually i will scratch stuff in pain

Freddie Piper


that boi is thicc

If u look the pencil have balls cuz the finger

Ultiboy productions

definitely am the 'my bad' guy

Shifted Saint Gaming

Ty: I’m the chameleon cause you can’t put me in a boxCody: Technically you can

Cosmicx daydream

I wish i could look pretty, but im too young to get plastic surgery :'((

SwitchChance 420

CXIII MEANS 113 C is 100 X is 10 and III is 3 100+10+3=113


This is probably the only sequel that is better than the orginal

Spooder Mun

Jimmy: all you have to do is take one breath and you get 50k dollars

William Morse

I can't wait to see what you'll find in Firewatch. That is gonna be interesting. Probably a basic Bigfoot easter egg with dialog or a Smokey Bear reference.

Brennan Devlin

Garret was the panda you can tell by his shoes!

Elizabeth A

Am I an alien???


Batty bwoy eeeeeh 🤢

Henry Estrada

I’m fast food Eminem,


why does he need camoflage outfits this guy is only looking for old stuff with a metal detector (i know its fun i have done it but rly camo outfit and acting like hes the king lmao)

Keaton Thorin

The panda should play football

Victor Manuel

hola dude perfec me llamo victor


Allied Assault!!!!

wolf therian429

This will be great information cause I don't plan on going to college I plan on going to CDL school to become a truck driver I need to have full focus so I don't hurt or kill anyone on the road and to make sure I'm safe driving a big rig.


jimmy malkin