podrick whores game of thrones

Im glad that the fans have reacted so well to that relationship they have.
Fans of the show will recall the incident when a trio of Kings Landing prostitutes refused to accept payment from Podrick after taking his virginity, saying simply that he was the best theyd ever had.
Or maybe not-so massive?
AD: Podrick is currently on the road with vereeniging central prostitutes Brienne of Tarth, another of the shows breakout characters, and you have really great chemistry with Gwendoline Christie.Thats the thing with every character.Laughs, aD: The finale is coming up on Sunday in the States, and Monday in Australia do you have anything special planned for when its on?It could just be that Podrick is very, very gifted it could be that he has a magic penis!Thats all Ill say about that.We're all aware by now that Podrick cares more about others than himself and would gladly give his life if need be, while expecting nothing in return.He's Great At Following Orders, we know him to be a very loyal and obedient squire.
As horrific of a thought as it is, it could help explain where Podrick gets his talents from.

Will you be viewing it with anyone else from the cast?They like his innocence and the fact that hes selfless.Im a fan of it as well.(That's a rhetorical question since the answer, of course, is no one.) Imagine this guy bringing that sort of generosity into the bedroom?DP: Oh god, aD: and Im not going to put you through that, but Im wondering, given the secrecy about what happened, a lot of people now assume that Pod has the greatest penis in Westeros.Some play a bigger part, some play a smaller part, but its all about how they all fit together.DP: Oh, thank you.But what if that was just a cover story and the real reason is because Ser Ilyn used that particular appendage on a woman that he shouldn't have.Also, a lot of people think hes incredible in bed.Right now, the fate of all these characters is just one big question mark.
While most men just take, take, take, Podrick would give, give, give.

At the end of the day, Game Of Thrones is not about Podrick, hes just a part of a much, much bigger machine.
What was it like working with him?