PITCH ANIMATIC - "Captain N: Their World's Champion"

You're the judge now...Is it possible to reboot Captain N The Game Master in the current gaming scene? Possible, but more than likely impossible to convince of one's vision for it. Four years ago I pitched the idea of doing this reboot, as a longshot among two other ideas I came up with then, to a local studio but was rejected. I kept drawing and thinking about the idea afterward though and came up with the idea to do a pitch animatic of a hypothetical trailer of what my concept was for a new Captain N.This was a storyboard project six months in the making, with time also dedicated to art and managing Cats Don't Dance Reanimated while this was in the works. Almost all the voice clips here are recycled from games that had featured these characters and picked to match the context of the animatic. Maybe one day this Captain N might be able to get officially made, but for now the best I can do is not keep this bottled in with the other Nintendo fans of the world.I present to you a "what if!"CAPTAIN N: THEIR WORLD'S CHAMPION!Storyboarded and edited by I. Knox Robbins (@knoxrobbins)- Drawn almost entirely in Photoshop Video Timeline, only two shots animated with Flash CS6

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