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Paul & Kimberly Krueger

Hey just wanted to say ive watched you for 6 years and your content is amazing loved watchijg your vides get better every time

Xavier Corbitt

tyler sucks

Bernadette Cammon

Im watching in 2015 boyyyyyy!!!!



Collin Gates

They sound so different now

Morgan Wasnie

screw that wild are better

Shsh Shshs

dude perfectdo one with cam newton


Panda is Chinese!!!!


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Captain Careem


Nyan Krauss

Крутота! о:

Human Slayer

that gears 3 easter egg in the sub, I have never seen it, I love gears of war and I searched allll over goutube for new easter eggs, and never saw that one, this is why I watch your channel ! keep up the good work

Bilal Tariq

I am the biggest fan of dude perfect

Alyssa Villavicencio

if i were her, i’d murder her parents as soon as they hurt the dogs

PaoloPlayz 34

This video represents the bad side of addictions. It shows how it helps you, yes. But you don’t have to use it constantly. Because that will happen( watch end ).the future can look good. Just don’t think everything is perfect because you, the people are the only ones that could make it perfect

Lydia Lévesque

Her: my grades started to drop gets A-


#RIPFPS this video: hey fatty are you seriously gonna go out like that


Can someone tell me what kind of weapon he had in 3:55

Eric Ridley

you guys should do a trick shot with nickelback!!!

Floren Ralph

Freeze frame again plsss 🙏🙏🙏

archer patric

the building will be out of use for 2 to 3 weeks to fix on it

Ken Ye

First easter egg in the video and you kill Winnie The Pooh, thats fuckin brutal

Lurah Cabalo


Mr. Sharup


Glóbulo Branco

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Milan Boeren


Karson Phipps

Who els thinks dale looks like garret

Gaurav Singh

big insult at last......

lalalala lilili

Kapan di tayangin nya??

Aclockwise Pineapple

Hey look at that 420 comments takes picture "421" DAMMIT

Martin Pivetta

0:27 in the back...


I'm in tears...


Cristiano Ronaldo

PeanutButterandJellyfish TV

I DIED at the halftime fanatic! So funny!

Joseph Light

Where was Cory?

Datgirl :3

Guys be nice to him!! His past is in his past, I forgive this guy even though he did something bad!

Dibyanshi Dash

This story is very cute


Oh hey a random wall let's just blow this shit up why don't we

Kirsten walsh

So cool

Ksf11 Vloger


Patryk Zimny

tyler should be hired for tokyo drift part 2


A 17 year old mother who was only 17 at the time...


My favorite jumpscare was the babadook. When the girl was in bed and the one when she was cleaning the dishes.

show bigo

Its amazingggggg

XX Wolfie chan XX

Well I feel sad now and it's only midnight

USA Pinoy

Kudos to GSW,... and KD and curry specially

Harlow Army

This made me cry because well I can relate to some of this I can relate to this. But my dad cares for me so much my head is hurting because I don’t understand



(# =

Eli Hornberger

Watching in 2018


You're lucky the judge banned me from sending any more penis pics or I would totally own you in this debate right now.

So that’s that..


dude they is a easter egg in the desert on the story where you see the main character in dead space issac clark on a biil board starring for a movie


i arlredy thaoght the didos sore i cant spell