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Did Galar and Kalos once fight against Team Flare because their leader was an imperialist lunatic who thought his people were the superiors of mankind and were gonna kill innocent people? That's who I was thinking about.

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Who's here after his first AAF start?

matt aseo

fuck u power rangers

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00:36 bruh

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The stick ppl r so derpy😹

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I knew it was bijuu mike when I saw the kid. Poor mike :(


12 times

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Congrats bangtan ! It's your 6th anniversary..💕🎉🎊


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Did Strafe refine the core gameplay because I heard it was mediocre at launch but it's got the best Easter eggs I've seen in years.

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Lol one of the students in my bio sent this to our edmodo cause our exam is in two days

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I like Dallas cowboys

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I had a dead fish for 6 days until I noticed....

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I’m a dance and I love this channel

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These videos are so relaxing

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the beach


I think I speak for all of us when I say very nice editing.. 

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Beer me Jim