Patiala Babes - Ep 145 - Full Episode - 17th June, 2019

Click here to subscribe to SonyLIV: here to Subscribe to SET India: here to watch full episodes of Patiala Babes: 145: Mini Gets Caught----------------------------------------------Babita catches Hanuman and Mini for making her recipe's videos online gets angry. Later both of them try to convince her to forgive them. On the other side, Khatri makes Amar drink with him and asks him to stay at the office the same night. Stay tuned to know more!More Useful Links :Also, get the Sony LIV app on your mobileGoogle Play - - us at us on,Facebook: us on Twitter: Patiala Babes:-----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Patiala Babes revolves around the bond shared between a mother and daughter. The mother is old school, while the daughter is modern in her thinking.#patialababes#drama



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