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🚨Subscribe to Totally Spies! is going crazy over Passion Patties, a new brand of cookies being sold by the Happy Girl Scouts. The cookies make everyone who eats them addicts, and are so fattening the addict's weight progresses from plump to overweight to fat to obese in under a day. Clover helps herself to a cookie as the spies investigate and becomes hooked on them too, gaining 300 pounds and becoming an obese sumo spy in 1 day. The girls discover that the villain is the creator of Passion Patties, Inga Bittersweet. After years of resenting the Happy Girl scouts for kicking her out when she ate all the cookies she was supposed to sell, is using her creations to take over the world. The spies must defeat Inga while dealing with a fatter Clover's obesity. The girls manage to destroy her cookie supply by activating the warehouse's heating system and melting the chocolate. They then give her a taste of her own medicine by forcing her to drink a vial of the sugar additive she used, which causes her to grow to as fat as Clover in seconds, turning her into an addict as well. Jerry is shown to have grown to the same size as Clover. Fortunately all the weight caused by the formula (which turns out to be a highly concentrated extract taken from sugar) is not permanent, and those affected by it are soon back to normal.


DQ means Dulquer !!

Armon TS 3 HOOP AND LIFE seires!

This Episode : Basketball Exploders

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i love this new series!

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Decmember 2018????


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does that mean she was whiterun guard daughter?!

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Thomas was in math. He had five dollars. His teacher asked, If you had five dollars and your dad gave you three dollars, how much would you have? Thomas answered, I would have Five dollars. The teacher said, You don't know your math. Thomas said, You don't know my father!!

I hope you make more. These are a wonderful series, thank you. <3


lol just do /gamemode creative

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“Yeah, I was definitely safer on the streets.”

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Anything’s possible when your with Dude Perfect

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This story is so sad😫


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So good everyone wants a second one

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Yellow Bag:

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Sad 😢

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I am in love with all your videos! You've really got me interested in old games and Easter eggs :) thanks xx

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What game are they playing

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At least this one kind of explained what was going to happen, unlike the last trailer.

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Jeongyeon i love you😍😍😍😍

You ain't fucking with it you can take a walk man

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I want to hug her and her dad as tight as possible; she is so strong and I’m glad she’s ok🙏

Thank You!🔥❤


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You can't keep questioning the what if's enjoy what you have and live your life to the fullest what's done is done

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Yes an another epic montage

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Ty gets cool stuff, Cody handles the bills

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I would love to be paralyzed and my parents care for me like that than not be paralyzed and only my mom care for me and no one else 😭 I think you should know if your parents would work 5 jobs for you they will do any for you no matter what you do

Blue Book


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People sometimes just don’t understand the struggles


It was the High too Low, then Low to High


lmao dude was butthurt af after the raptors clapped the GSW

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Woah woah.... This isn't the 1800's! You should be free from that mind control lol

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6:06 my fav reaction.

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