Paruvam - Tamil Short Film 2017 by Vibish A School Love Story

Paruvam Short Film 2k17 by Vibish a school love storyProducer m.s.raviDirection DepartmentDirector – vibishAssociate Director – SathishAssistant Director – Shankar DayalAssistant Director - NithishAssistant Director - Sri KrishnaCinematography DepartmentCinematography – VigneshCo-Cinematography – Saran RajAssistant Cinematography – Mohamed IqbalAssistant Cinematography – Abishek DI TeamRam Krish StudioDI colourist – Vinoth RamalingamMusic DirectorRoy Studio Music Director – Roys JMKB studios Manoj KumarAcoustic & Bass guitar – RobinSound Engineer – SugavendhanJudahEditing DepartmentEditor – SatishArt DepartmentArt Department – SenthilVFX & SFX DepartmentSFX & Title Design – VibishPoster Designer – ArunCostume & Makeup DepartmentIshwaryaDubbing DepartmentDubbing Theatre – MKB StudiosCo – Coordinator –Manoj Kumar BabuAssistants – Judah, David, Karthik & VaisaghCastVibishShreya shettyMr. Jakadeep KumarMr. SaravananMr. AkilanMrs. Meena JayapalMr. ThiriveniMs. Divya dharshiniMr. Thulasi senanMr. NithishMr.Senthil [Tamil Teacher]Mr.Raghu [PET Master]Mr. Ramesh Babu [Lab Incharge]Mr. Logesh [Lab attender]Mrs.Sumathi [Library Incharge]Mr.KavirajMrs.SailajaMr. Roshith KumarMr. Selva KumarMr. GaneshMr. SudharshanMr. Dinesh PrasadMr.kirthikeshMr. Krishna KishoreMr.SatishMs.RenugaMs.SanthiyaMs.SwathyMs. AarathyMs.UrmilaDubbing ArtisteVaisaghJudaDavidVivekanandhanChandra MohanManoj Kumar BabuNickHemalathaPoovarasiIndhu Priya DharashiniDivya PrandhaPooshnamValarmathiKayal vizhi [bindu]Maheshwari PandiyanFollow Us Facebook : :

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