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Horse trainer Clinton Anderson helps a frightened owner gain respect and control of her dangerous and dominant horse. Learn how to stop a horse from biting. Subscribe to our channelAbout Clinton Anderson and Downunder HorsemanshipClinton Anderson is a clinician, horse trainer and competitor. He’s dedicated his life to helping others realize their horsemanship dreams and keeping them inspired to achieve their goals. The Downunder Horsemanship Method gives horse owners the knowledge needed to become skilled horsemen and train their horses to be consistent and willing partners. Clinton instructs horsemanship clinics, presents Walkabout Tours across the country, produces a television show, hosts an internet TV website and is constantly creating comprehensive study kits and training tools to make learning horsemanship as accessible and easy as possible. Discover for yourself how Clinton and the Method can help you achieve your horsemanship dreams at www.downunderhorsemanship.com.Master your horsemanship skills by joining the No Worries Club: where Clinton provides thousands of hours of step-by-step videos on how to train your horse.

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I'm currently working on a pretty long video and so I'll try to upload Best Easter Egg episodes during the process of making the large one. Anyway I hope you guys like this one, I wasn't expecting much from this game in terms of easter eggs but there are some pretty interesting ones to show. Thanks for Watching!

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Y'all always complain that Disney spoils their own movies....PROPS for the short and non-spoiling trailer

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