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Mars Ģ

Guru = Teacher

Savages_yeah lol

7 years ago.. damn

Keith Robertson

I like all dude perfect videos

Kpop Lofi


Jason Benfield

dude perfect basketball with will you do trick shots with Michael Jordan

MXD 79

Rats with guns 😨😨😨

so shut it

Tony W


Cesar Perez

what are those things?

lilyaana morny

I bet its tammy that controlling Jake

Mohammad Fahad

Do Drag race

HSK Official

I know that dead rising 3 easter egg from breaking bad

Nafars father has cancer, but Nafar does not know that. his mother does not tell him because she does not want Nafar to cry and be sad, he loves his father very much. only his mother knows about his father.

Bryson the Mad Pencil

I don't have instagram i think it's overrated

Ali Jahangeer

Team Cory for life



Brady Campbell

2:03 imagine if he said this today....

Potato Sloths

I’m gonna be a single Pringle

Hyrum Plumb

Umm... Did anyone else notice her technique involved dieting? I mean the title says it doesn't. I call this false advertising.

Xhulia Muça

Intro: Che Ecru & Drake]

Samantha Thompson

Ima need him to put this song out on Apple Music or Spotify or something

AniGame Potato

Dang I haven’t been on my period yet but the thumbnail sounds painful


Cody has 14 points

Markwynn Ramilo

ABC song

Tbh when people say that to me I hate them so much that I want to kill them

Jordan Bolin

i bet it took mor than 1 try for everything

Tommy Walters


J/K just wanted to make you smile :)


The last Easter egg was really funny XD

Are you sure that’s an iPhone

lexee .p


John Alexis Mojica

please let his 11 points help the team win...

Everest Fedler

whos ready for a winter olympics edition 2

Undercover Chan

I don't know why I didn't find it earlier it's so good 😂😂😂😂

Brianna Wisdom


Julie Blake

We are dude perfect

Boston Overstreet

My friend is joe and I’m Boston