It’s incredible to come back to Oliana year after year and see how this cliff has become an international epicenter for high end sport climbing.It’s given me the opportunity to enjoy many special moments with good friends, trying hard routestogether and having fun!


WassUp ...

MOS 00

Fuckin hell man you know how to make a video. You even warn for jumpscares and people definitley appreciate that, good work.

BM Carter

Nice video

unaisa memon

thank you! so much for sharing such a inspiration and encouraging video.I'm a young teen depressed with pressure of exams but when I saw your video,it really helped me mentally to have patience in myself.

Emil Andersson

but isnt he still a hitman then? :o

Linebop .-.

“Hi there miss crazy” and thats how i became popular

blooded G Gaston

who i who is the panda

Noslen Vizcaino

Garrett did Awsome

Demi Obviously

I feel your pain my dad died from drinking problems and um you don’t want to know my back story don’t wanna make you sad

Fiht Mah

expexts 200 likes... gets 500

Girl same :3


AV Short Films

I’m cryinggggg❤️❤️❤️

Nicholas Twitch

2019 any one

Verónica Osuna

So......according to u......if ur friend has too many pets u should go live in the woods???? Yeah ok

Diyok Jemi

And ty win 😀

Arjun Nirgudkar

Do it from Burj Khalifa.

Robbie Nash

that's a bad decision

Sergio Cabero

A big sandwitch from subway and with 200 meet balls i think i is it

Ruben T


Flamelord Champion

jeez I feel sorry for the guy

Shepard Morris

i have your iphone game


the tiny pistle is from men in black 

KJ Hunt-Espino


Chris World

Aren’t all your trick shots in real life


She's a good mom

Jonathan Terry

i was about to post a comment

Laniebug cringe

I got an ad about anxiety ;-;

Gabe Kunselman

Hey i have adhd and sever insomnia i generally think im normal but i know im not could you do a video if not on me some other person with adhd

Michael Gauthier

Best part is that everyone celebrates a victory. No one was sad that they didn’t win or made excuses, everyone was super excited about how awesome the winning launch was (including the catch). Ty was sitting in first place, but he was probably the most excited about the winning launch. Why can’t everyone just be excited about other people succeeding? It takes nothing away from the fun and the success that each person had (or didn’t have). *note: watch every battle, and this is pretty much the theme throughout. When one person does something awesome, everyone runs around like maniacs cheering. Hey world, let’s be a little more Dude Perfect!


these guys r amazing to me still...i remember when they werent as big as they r now.


Sam walking into a white light after seemingly dying? Is Croteam saying goodbye? D:

Answer:Yes or Yes

im pooping with no tissues!!!

america explain!!! soccer play with foot but you guy call it soccer and american football play with hand but you call it football:/im asian btw

Amanda Scandaliato

Ps. Grayson is good at everything from what I've seen. What is he not good at?

Fabio Reche

i love your videos keep them up love from spain

Matheus Santos


Sunflower Seed

Title: my step mom is my real mom

Mj S

Expensive Girl has entered the chat


the eifel tower

Lily Belser

I feel sorry for Chandler.

Damn did it hurt to know

Mexican Parisite

Just land in water


It is the Ganondorf that was defeated 10 000 years ago in the Breath of the Wild land, the legend that Impa and the others are describing to you, when the Sheikas created the divine creatures, etc... And the arm we see looks "evil", it cannot be Midna. It is its own new thing. Because of this hand disturbance to Ganondorf sealed body, his corruption has started leaking, accumulating... and finally exploding in the Calamity Ganon event we have seen in the Breath of the Wild game. Now our heroes completely disturb the seal, break it, Link seems to be abducted by the hand in an other dimension/timeline? and Zelda is left alone with the corpse of Ganondorf resurrecting. Potentially alternating between playing Zelda and Link in two different kind of Hyrule? One apocalyptic version with Ganondorf rising, with Zelda doing her best to contain it; and one past version, in the time of the first war against Ganondorf and the creation of the Divine beasts, with this "arm" power, able to help Zelda cross-dimensionnally? I am extremely excited.

David Rutherford

dude i went to that jambo in 2013

Nick - Brawl stars and More

6:10 yondu be like

Seema Sharma

Did you like smoothie ?

Trf Trf