[Official] Celeste Original Soundtrack - 03 - Resurrections

🍓 Celeste Original Soundtrack 🍓Purchase: performed & mastered by Lena Raine.Cover art by Amora B.

i cracked the code,

chain zx

The vietnam war that the hardest war in history

Dark demon666 Eddie


The Gangsta Dounut

editing god ?

627 Ellie

The carts looked so fun

מרדכי גולדברג

Do. Trick shots. With. Aaron Ramsey

Kandari Somasekar



Well RIP Twins

Kike Mtz de Guereñu

1:11 dice claramente ESPAÑITA

Shaggy Locs

Probably was Casey neista leaving New York

Red clouds

this game is fun but the ps4 version needs a patch because it runs like shit... I'm talking way less than 30 fps at times.. only game on ps4 with terrible frame rate issues


Go team Tyler

not even 1 episode

Marley Wentworth

Where is her romper from??

Katana Plus

why there is no ty, garret, and cody?

JST Fin Dobbin

Team Cory all the way

PvPHullu ILike

FAQ 3rd

Say say don’t give up

Joel Setzer


Taner: ((TRIGERED))

Nrif gaming

dude perfect yes in playing football


why does Doom and quake look so much alike XD

Battushig Gansukh

metro 2033 footstep sound is joke

At least it was an instant headshot.


yo guru i have another easter egg on overpass if you shoot one of the atm on a side money will comeeee out :D


I want a dog

Luke Elliott

I just love how ty says what’s in the shell

I would cheat on you NAE PI TTAM NUNMUL

Aaron Sanders

you should do a Harrem Globetrotters

leha reddy

Omg.. When Grayson chugged the drink he looked so manly and sexy. 😍😍

Michael Sandoval

who hasn't seen the blair witch project? it was a pretty big movie bruh

I wish everyone would do like you did and stop smoking for the sake of our community.

Homework_Genius 2006

Cheerleading Stereotypes?

cris ilove you

Potato Girl

"What America did you grow up in?" 😂😂

I Know You

Many, many easter eggs, and not one of them reference Mercenaries 2. I would have accepted Mathias Nelson's face on a billboard or something, just anything. Am I the only one that thinks so.

Sebastian Lazzo

An actual HQ cuz dis won trash

Olivia Sherman

kinda want that phone case 🤪

Zazoo Monla

dude perfect

Mathew Lipperd

The father and son banter I wish to have with my boy one day haha

Rozie Garner

Watching this.. I feel like my father has wronged me so much. I remember how I used to suppress my feelings towards him.. because he is my dad, right? I'm 19 now and I just began to love him .. I mean I used to love of course.. but my heart was always filled and weighed with sorrow

C-Hozi 43

I luv ur vids there amazing but could you post at least once a week