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They could be ambushed.
She was arrested for aggravated battery three days after arriving.Brown said she asked Walterhouse to leave the room because "It felt kind of weird" and "I just didn't feel right.".She testified that Bunton took her cell phone and deleted their text message conversation before they engaged in escort jennifer stone oral copulation.She said she had sex with another man in his patrol car and that others warned her of hot spots where authorities were carrying out undercover missions to catch prostitutes.Manoukian also pointed out that an undercover prostitution sting Bunton tipped Guap off about never actually took place, therefore he didnt provide anything of value to her, nor did he endanger fellow officers.Brown said that later on Walterhouse's interest in her seemed to be more than just friendly and she sensed that "maybe he wanted a date meaning that he wanted to exchange money for sex.More generally, Bunton was providing Guap with protection from arrest and harassment by other cops and possibly pimps.What others ARE clicking ON: more TOP stories, continue Reading.When the court reconvened after lunch, Oakland Police Lieutenant Jill Encinias, who heads OPDs Special Victims Unit, confirmed that there wasnt actually an undercover operation that night in the area mentioned by Bunton.Click to enlarge, an Oakland Police officer,.k.a.

To make matters worse, there wasn't even a prostitution sting that night; Bunton had made.The threat didn't need to be made explicit.The Alameda County district attorneys office has charged six men with crimes in the case.Yes, he asked where I would do it, and if I made enough money, or if I knew a certain girl certain girls.Weve seen unders that have gotten made, pimps that have shot at officers, girls try to stab them, said Encinias.Her mother has never spoken publicly of the case.It existed based on the very nature of their relationship; under no circumstances can someone meaningfully consent to sex with someone who has the power to take away your liberty if you refuse.By, kimberly Veklerov, updated 5:46 pm PDT, Thursday, May 18, 2017.

They both knew what he was getting out of it, and she knew what she was getting out.
Abuslin is pictured in September last year after filing her lawsuit against the city.