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Nhu Duong

No, shoes 😭😭

Sophie Gallagher

So is Elsa gay or not ? I rlly want her to be

Sarcastic Sweetness

I would definatly not put up with that. If someone hurts you, you should fight. i didn’t know why I was depressed! That’s why! Hah!

Cactus Boi

Every time I see the rage monster I always get exited

Deku/Luffy's girl

im a psychopath

Keaton Scott

Garrets fail hit

Green Room Gaming UK

Garrett looks weird not bald

Golden Roses

I thought the thumbnail was Jacksepticeye

Tate DeBord

Doesn't count he didn't call glass! @3 min

karrys karry

This no redeploy when jumping out of a plane bug needs to be fixed

Adham Osman

Egypt LOL

ShaeButter Madness




Arnav Andhare


Mike Ferguson

He will

Anony / mous

09:40 xd

Demo Awesomeness 652

The trip flip was a quad flip


This is amazing art and story telling <3

Roxy Calves

9/11 2.0

Oh Yeah Yeah 12th Battalion

Sausage fest

Gecko Treicko

3:35 “We need all the Millers!”Random guy: BOB MILLER

Corban Thenoob

The map memorizer is me

#awesome7 Lol

Ok woah this sounds like my ex-neighbor

Jekyll and Hyde Wannabe



You should stop apologizing to us for delayed uploads, your subscribers will wait for them and enjoy them just as much. Keep up the good work :]



Jerond Marie V. Diaz

giant football

Muirdoch ard Tiarna

10:09 You also get a costume of Steve (main character from Minecraft) and a gun (i'm not totally sure about this last one).


I think you are an Enneagram 9 — The Peacemaker.

Marisol Capra

Everyones freaking out that she got an a-... Like does no one care about how awesomely moving this video is


So close

Nobody feels bad for her?

pandas are amazing

Wait so why is she your step mom

Arda 2233

I really did not expect this