The Bernabeu has hosted four European Cup/Champions League finals.
The metallic structure will encase a brothel melbourne work retail area, in addition to restaurants, a hotel, a club museum and of course the buffalo new york male escorts stadium itself.The view from the inside.The Bernabeu: Back to the future.Formidable security was in place ahead of the 1982 World Cup final at the Santiago Bernabeu Stadium."He asked for an 'icon for an icon' but as a clever businessman, he also wanted this icon to earn more money than the existing stadium." The retractable roof, which can open in 15 minutes, will allow the stadium to host events such as music.Arena will have increased capacity, a hotel and retail, leisure and restaurant zones."In this overwhelmingly anti-fascist atmosphere, it was only the intervention of the Spanish Ambassador to France that saved Santiago's bacon." Whether this incident prompted Bernabeu to turn against the Republicans is unclear but what is known is that he fought for the Nationalists - with.Despite his initial uncertainties, the qualifier lawyer had backed the right side in the war and having helped the Francoists take power, they assisted his revival of a club that had been largely destroyed by the fighting - with even its trophy cabinet stripped bare.Stadium is set to undergo spectacular refurbishment should existing plans go ahead.This rumor has arisen given the legal obstacles currently challenging the refurbishment plans, with a Spanish court suspending the plans because Real is currently under investigation by the European Commission."The stadium's skin is polished like a mirror and it will glow and vibrate thanks to the LED lighting system." Bold, state-of-the-art and televisual -the venue will be unimaginably distant to the wartime rubble where Real Madrid began its rise from the ashes.Inter fans ahead of the final."Everybody who comes will say 'where is the old stadium?' It will be hidden in the new one." "Florentino Perez, who was absolutely engaged in this project, wants to write history in stadium building added Marg, referring to Real's current president.

On, legendary Real figure Santiago Bernabeu broke the ground on what is now the stadium that bears his name (reportedly against his wishes).Yet a betrayal within Real meant the former youth team player, captain and manager almost never had the chance to shape the club's destiny."We want it to be the best stadium in the world, with maximum comfort, an icon of architecture and cutting edge said Perez when the plans were unveiled earlier this year.Nonetheless, a Real spokesperson told CNN last week that the work on the existing site will start in "around two years' time." Meanwhile, the architects of a space-age stadium are pressing ahead with plans for takeoff."For this 'holy grail we have created a glass podium designed as a communications screen displaying the history of Real Madrid - which appears as a huge screen from the outside said Marg.The Spanish capital suffered immensely as it became the first European city to ever be bombed but the Republican stronghold held firm against General Francisco Franco's Nationalists until just four days before the war's end.This will initially be in relation to general sponsorship but Spanish media is also tipping the Abu Dhabi group to buy the naming rights.
The challenge for today's architects is to build the stadium, whose capacity will increase from 85,454 to 90,000, within its urban confines.
Pictured during the 1980s, the Santiago Bernabeu stadium reached a peak capacity of just over 120,000 in the 1950s - although its record attendance, in 1956, was 129,690 for a European Cup semifinal against AC Milan.

German architect Volkwin Marg says one of the greatest challenges is to build such a stadium and complex within tight urban confines.
A report by website 'Soy Madridista' even suggests ipic could have full naming rights, removing any mention of Santiago Bernabeu - a move which could upset Real fans, should they cough up over a billion euros to build a new stadium in a different part.
This is in relation to possible illegal state aid, meaning a key agreement between Real and the Madrid government with regard to the remodeled Bernabeu is temporarily suspended.