PDF, the Future Group, March 2006 accessed 14 December 2010, norway - Norway is complying with its international obligations under the Trafficking Protocol for the protection of victims of human trafficking, and it is a signatory to the European Trafficking Convention.
Those entitled to social welfare benefits may claim economical support from NAV when not employed and indigent.
Some sex workers interviewed in Finland said they believed the law had increased demand for local prostitutes while cutting it for foreign ones as clients believed local women were less likely to have been trafficked or pimped.
Revenues from sex trade were estimated at 390 million NOK (63 million USD The.She is concerned, however, that her work would become more hazardous if the law was changed to be like Swedens.52 The twelve member Justice Committee is currently chaired by Hadia Tajik (A a strong supporter of the law, with Anders Bjørnsen Werp (H) and Kjell Ingolf Ropstad (KrF) as deputies.Norsk biografisk leksikon (in Norwegian).The evaluation of the Sex Purchase Act brings us no closer to a conclusion (Vi vet ikke om loven virker).Even though surveys among the general public indicate great support for the law, the same material also shows a rather strong support for a criminalisation of sex sellers.Police claim they also were injected with heroin, to make them more submissive."The Development of Norwegian Prostitution Policies: A Marriage of Convenience Between Pragmatism and Principles".
Pro Sentret, Oslo prostitution ancient greece History edit May-Len Skilbrei.
Effect of sex purchase ban edit Despite an initial drop in the visibility of street prostitution, 39 later reports suggested it had returned to its previous levels.

Retrieved This article incorporates text from this source, which is in the public domain.In February 2003, Norway launched a national action plan to combat trafficking in persons.74 75 Despite political opposition, the law has public support, 65 in January 2014, 76 but at least one newspaper editorial has called for repeal."Gratis bordeller öppnas i Norge".Since then, France, England and Wales have all adopted Finlands partial ban.Liv Jessen from Pro-Sentret compared this to the punitive approach of the radical "Women's Front" ( Kvinnefronten a feminist activist group.The women were raped, held captive in an Oslo flat and forced into prostitution. .Statistics on prostitution are hard to come by because of the underground nature of the business, officials say, but a 2010 Swedish government inquiry into the new laws impact showed the numbers of men who used prostitutes had gone down.8 per cent.In February, the European Parliament voted in favour of Swedens law, on the basis that it considered prostitution constituted violence against women.Bibliography edit Anne-Marit Gotaas, Brita Gulli, Kari Melby and Aina Schiøtz (eds.But now the customer wants to go somewhere isolated because they are afraid, she said.
And the authorities dont know how to deal with women who dont see themselves as victims.
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52 The law is supported by women's organizations such as the radical feminist Kvinnefronten.
Jakobsson, the retired prostitute living in Stockholm, said she thought the law was patronising toward women.