(A-R) Everything Shipshape (Thurs Apr 7th 1960,.15pm)- visit to a shipyard in the Tyne tees area, with Bob Danvers-Walker, assisted by James Lloyd.
Director: Bill escort student meaning Allenby (ATV) One God Oct 14th 1962: from St Augustine's RC Church Hoddesdon.
Though astonished at first, he gladly accepts Max's offer to go with him to Australia.
Despite the extravagant claim above, I can't find any other programmes on this rally!Commentators: Peter Lloyd and Joe Jagger.New producer was John P Hamilton.He is also unsuccessful in getting on more friendly terms with Michael, and, an afternoon out rejected, Max takes an afternoon nap.Director: Berkeley Smith (Southern) Jan 4th 1959: Matins from Leicester Cathedral.Commentary: Mary Hill and Kenneth Macleod.Director: David Southwood (ABC) May 25th 1958: Whit Sunday from Bromey Congregational Church.I am an extremely feminine man, who lives as a girl 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.Greyhound Racing (Thurs Oct 13th 1960,.45-4.45pm)- from Hackney Stadium.Director: Bill Allenby (ATV).Gentlemen's are welcome to explore services and today companions in all Kingdom!Director: Andy Gullen (ABC) May 17th 1964: Pontifical High Mass from Westminster Cathedral.40 programmes were made, though Brian Armstrong (Granada Television 2003, p169) incorrectly claimed there were 50 stories.Directors: John Braybon and Peter Frazer-Jones (Southern TV).
Derek Waring was the presenter starting May 1959.
Jan 8th 1965 was in front of the folk of Stevenage and Hemel Hempstead.

Among the rest of the cast: Charles Tingwell, Clive Morton, Douglas Livingstone and Zuleika Robson.British Association for the Advancement of Science (Thur Aug 22nd 1968.30am-12.30pm, and Fri Aug 23rd 10am-12,30pm, and.30pm, Mon Aug 26th.30am-12.30pm)- annual meeting in Dundee.Director: Bill Allenby (ATV) A Concelebration of Mass Jan 30th high school girl arrested for prostitution 1966: from St John's Cathedral Portsmouth.Broadcasting hours were restricted by law, only religious programmes, schools broadcasts and, strangely, Welsh language programmes were exempt from this post war rationing: only 50 hours of ordinary programmes were permitted per week.Introductory Commentary: Maxwell Deas.Commentators: Bill Grundy and Harold Perkin.She is further pleased by their hotel at the Pas de Calais, but outside the cold wind disperses some of their romantic feelings.Introduced by Brian Connell.
ITN coordinated production with directors John Rhodes and Graham Watts.
Director: Richard Doubleday A Matter of WHO (Aug 10th) exercpts from this film Aug 31st Director: Richard Sidwell.

Director: Berkeley Smith (Southern) July 5th 1959: Morning Service from Parish Church of St Ninian Douglas Isle of Man.
Commentary: Canon AR Freeman.
When they get there, Sam cuts through Anthea's plans and assures Ted that he'd be more comfortable in a local hotel.