Nicki Minaj - Moment 4 Life (Clean Version) ft. Drake - YouTube

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Ребята вы классные ! Я конечно мало понимаю английский, но это не мешает поднимать настроение , удачи вам !!!


his name is James hinchclif


stupid GMC commercial

NoCoincidences M

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Blue Exorcist

at 1:17 next to the paper in rek it ralph theres a lost dog BOLT from bolt on the wall


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legend killer


Lavar The Moto Man

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I have a question. If they can do trick shots then why do they not make it first tryhole?

Maddy Kontos

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Hi Oh

Radit Diki





just saying these titles kind of make fun of the people. :/ and I don't shower for a month... I have my reasons xD


1:25 No one is going to mention the "Bridesmaids" poster in the same scene? It's one of my favorite movies and I'm not afraid to admit that.

Madison Cook

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Gwen Pain

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00:57 That ass! :O

Boys Babiak

You should do mid evil trick shots


because he cant make these throws every time lol

Rayquan Vance

Why do i think that matt made his own team edge.

S hayat

please can you do one video on cricket game please

Антон Вещанский

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There's a Jurassic park Easter egg in nazmir once you do the quest that involves the t-Rex near the tar pits. At the end of the quest the t-Rex chases you on a raptor and there's a Jeff goldblum quote "we must go faster!"

János Dani

man shouting in hitman: Help, everibody? help!


That's a Big Shark

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8:08 Bart's voice sound so strange 😄


I’ve stayed there in the hotel

Braddy Sosa

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Jaden Sil

I legit just ate ramen before I watched the video

Varney Clarke

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which computer and do you search these up?

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Anyone notice that the celebration is cam Newton's superman

Jordyn Boyle


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Stab stab

savege and beast at madden

ty you are Ricky you know why because

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Screameur on 7:52 de 7:53

Faze Drakepex

I thought the melon was a pumpkin


@GuruKidHD do you think you could post a video of the glitches is games? Lk all of them game by game just like your Easter egg videos?

Scarred Violet

Them: So happy!!