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Carsen Thompson


Rileigh Davis

I promise I will like this comment You said you will like it. so do it


12:01 this is a fuking bunny from SR3 and SR2 easter egg! (Saints Row 2 and 3)


just one question: WHERE . IS . HAZARD.

Aqua Dusk

I think I'm ugly too, I got bullied as well, but I still think I'm ugly and I have depression, and I'm not doing this for attention haters



I got a spanish commercial....

ClogerPlaysRBLX !

I download the game😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😐😐😑😑🙄☺😴😲😲😴😲😴😫🤑🤑🤤😲😴😒😒😴🤤😒😴🤤😴😝😫😪😜😪😪😝🙃🤑🤤😒🤑😒😲😒😝😴😝😫😫😝🙃😝😜😕😯😕🤤😴🤤😒😌😒😌🤤😴🤤🤤🤤😌🤤😴😫😫😫😲😲🤑🤑🤑🤑🤑🤑😞😞😖😔😝🤑🙃😜🙃🤤😛😕🤤😒🤑😒🤑😒🤑😒🤑😝😒😝😓😓😲😒😝😒😝😒😝😓🤤🤤😌😌😝😌😝😝😝😌😌🤤😫😜😫🙃😒🙃😴😝😫🙃🙃😝😝😕😫🙃😫🙃😜😫😜😫😝😫😝😴😝😴😝😴😝😝😴

ami ayres

why are they always low key lit

Manayer Al Hosani

Ilyyy ashieeee 💛🍋🤘

TheLastNoob 93

This is fake because it’s the same voice as the other videos I watched on this channel

smoken Devil

Dude perfect,u should do more than one shot with Greg.


Loved the pizza rolls animation xD

gamer guy


Ramunė rr

Be strong! I'll pray for you💓💓


Here before 1m

Poopy Beak

I'm watching the knowing that this will infact affect me negatively more than positively, I now envy those people who have positive and optimistic parents. While any Asian parent would like you to Ace in the studies. I don't like to remember all of the syllabus just to write in extreme suffocating environment with lack of sleep due to studying and brain memory. I forget formulas here and there and think that this world is demise and kinda get suicidal. What helps me moving forward is the support of people I know in life. My mother's friend has 3 daughters and one son. While one is overseas, the other 2 and the only son praise my intelligence or this strange approach as a teenager. I like learning stuff out of curiosity but not learning because somebody told me or forced me to. When you learn something you're curious of, you actually learn more rather than memorizing pages after pages.

Ava Barrero

My cousin named Alex is in the British Navy and has Asbergers Autism I love him he is very smart and kind I can already imaging you

987 Magroll

@hljgubh yeah i totally agree! also! dude you would probably enjoy this online game -> bit.ly/1bsuT5W?=swlwe


Recently i was trembling to death and i have trouble in breathing because i was so scared and nervous . But then i cry cause i find its really hard for me to control myself and im useless . Is that consider as panic attack ?

Brian Albarran

That's why you are the best

Cinder Games

Bring the pump shotgun back! A long with hunting rifle!

Pikachu IChannel discontinuedI

03:30 Poland i are from POLAND <3 POLAND

Dominik Rodriguez

high key expected this to be dumb as shit but it goes kinda hard ngl

Jesus Aleman

you guys record it until you make it and you put it on YouTube

Jeremy Lopez

That Anthony Fantano cameo

-have free healthcare America

Nick Patti

The next landmark should be the Rice Hotel in Houston. Or if you want to spend money,the  Eifel Tower

Ghulam Murtaza

Roman probably ignored niko and went bowling

I had a big heart attack...

Galaxy The Alien

Just get a job loser


lmao he tried so hard to make it 10min+

Tbh, a lot of these things do happen here in our country. Sure there are many pure guys out there, but there are also gold diggers.

Kevin Blanco

Who’s still here in 2019?

Jen Resil



Yashaswi Thakur

Awwww jungkookshiiii you are so so so cute ~~~😭😭.......uwuu!!


press 5 then 8


so he's a gemini have fun


The first Dear Esther ghost looks like the one Jason and Grant saw in a lighthouse on Ghost Hunters. :S Weird.

Jefin Virgiansyah

Editor: How confusing do you want this trailer to beDisney: yes

amir So 2009 HD

Oma nice

Princess May

Yoooo so are they gonna confirm the Rapunzel is actually related to Elsa theory?

Kenzie Creates

Thinking of a life story...... I have none ;-;

Skyler Yowakim