New Nepali lok dohori song 2076 | Machhi Basyo by Pawan Oli & Bishnu Majhi | Ft. Shristi Khadka

Watch new Nepali lok dohori song Machhi basyo by Pawan Oli & Bishnu Majhi featuring Rabindra Pratap Sen & Shristi Khadka only on Pawan Oli's official YouTube channel.Pawan Oli Presents:- New Nepali lok dohori song#PawanOli #BishnuMajhi #NewLokDohori----------------------------------------|| माछी बस्यो Machhi Basyo|| 🎶Audio Credits:- Vocal:- Pawan Oli & Bishnu MajhiLyrics:- Pawan OliMusic:- Pawan OliMusic Arrangement:- Ashish AviralAudio Recording / Mixing:- HBN KismatStudio:- Raaga----------------------------------------🎬️ Video Credits:- Choreographer / Director:- Prakash BhattaArtists:- Rabindra Pratap SenShristi KhadkaCinematographer / Drone:- Rajesh GhimireCamera Asst.:- Bhishma B. Karki "Mukunda"Editor:- Bishnu SharmaDress Design:- Ichchharam / R.K.Group Leader:- Puspa BarmaManager:- Gaurav BhattaMUA:- Roshan BhusalLightman:- Surya NeupanePrem KhanalRajendra MaharaSantosh UrauKrishna lamaTransportation:- Nabin ShresthaTechnical Adviser:- Rajendra AryalPost Production:- Sai Vision Pvt. Ltd. 01-4102684© Pawan Oli, 2019------------------------------------------------Social links:-Facebook:- Please like, share & subscribe Pawan Oli's official Videos.Unauthorized downloading and uploading on YouTube channel is Strictly Prohibited And will attract punitive measures from Pawan Oli. Embedding to a website is allowed.

Olivia Moore

What does it mean if you do all of this but you never actually talk about it

coconut :'v

yea I always compare myself to others and feel like I'm not doing good enough ;-;

nate dogg

surprised the building didn't collapse on itself

Reshma Modi

Your game is awesome.....but I couldn't do 48th can u help me

Rey_boyz r

I though he was Jeff Bezos ok just finished it is

mr.jason CH

The last scene was epic but cory was the mvp

Alec Mills

leaf blower

Young Mexico

L: Interesting...

Anastasia A.

Omg I'm Russian too

Sâmü Čhärrïâ

I love that Chanel 😍😍

Mariel Romulo



Honestly I even find it hard to call psychopaths bad bc like *Cries while laughing*

Cloudy WithAChanceOfRainbows

I still never had a ps4 or xbox one 😭😭😭

PoTaTo 9687

Where is the slingshot located at?

creation lab. com

Always I say that you are awesome

Silver Gamer TT

That blade is from Infinite blade an ipod game using UT engine


fuck those who call this video fake.....


Apparently captain cody is in the first officers seat lol

Brooke Blanchard

gooooo gar

Dylan Phomin-Fischer

My name is Dylan


Reminds you of Rocket League huh? Like if yesh

Deangelo Ferrari

I thaut it was going to be 20 pins


Matthew Stafford


Yo... we can all agree Worms 3D its the only war relate game out there

little Chris 12


Joe Vollbach

number 6 was creepy as hell. i dont know why but it was the creepiest

Nigel Y.


ML game plays YT

Know im bitter! Hmp! He wass so handsome!!

willing goldfish

I fell in love when I was 9. He was really cute, and we were the only asians in Our class, which made everyone kinda ship us. One miracle day, he told me he liked me. I was so happy...

marcus & martinus gunnarsen

is that girl thai?


Enjoying your videos man keep up the good work :)

Autumn Hartman

The Hitman Easter egg with my favorite


Someone once described this type of situation to me like this and I never saw it another way:

Dylan Carrick

30 hours is 👌

Cedar Skinner


Yung Ferbert

Gunna goes so hard always

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Abdulrahman Mohammed

People living in the himalayas 👀😞

Kyle Rendar 117

Those last few had nothing to do with star wars

Mario Gallegos


I'm floating in the air like I'm weightless


Bro, when I first saw that poster in ODST, it was too real to be a fake one because of the font and the simplicity of the poster. This was a very cool easter egg because it was like bungie's secret announcement teaser! Is there any poster in any valve game that will confirm any threes?

Gabriel Chacon

No te entendi ni verga no se ingle :v