The violations total more than 800,000, Humbach said.
As part of that settlement, the landlords agreed not to renew the lease of 21 Smile Corp., owner of New City Spa.Under the name Happy Angel Spa.The nickname was coined after the Days Inn was named by county officials as the scene of more than 30 arrests for prostitution, drugs and related crimes over a 12- month period.The two individuals accused of performing massages on people without state licenses are Guirong Peng, 50, and Fengxiang Bai, 48, both of Flushing.Nyack Motor Lodge: An action was filed on Sept. .'Brothel' no more, dietrich said the uptick in prostitution and related crimes logged by members of the Street Crime Unit and Narcotics Task Force led the district attorney to seek a more effective solution than simply making arrests.
It takes some faith out of the criminal justice system McCullagh said.
The owners are planning, with the countys input, a full renovation and modernization with upgraded security.

UTC Dec 11, 2017.Copyright by wfla - All rights reserved.Zugibe said other municipalities have requested the county take a hard look at some of their establishments.The business operated at 58 Church.This case sets a precedent and it will allow us escorts pomona to use the Rockland County Code to shut down other nuisances in the county.They'll even be changing the name to Tappan Zee Hotel" no doubt capitalizing on the nostalgia for the now-defunct bridge.
Weve created a map to show locations of spas that received calls for registration order a prostitute berlin under the Bathhouse ordinance.

So far, theres one application on file out of the 21 establishments that received register-or-else letters from the city.
One of the two was also charged with prostitution, police said.
The case is ongoing while the county monitors promised security measures intended to prevent the illegitimate activities at the site. .