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Greetings UGC NET Aspirants!. If you are planning to appear in the CBSE UGC NET Exam Nov 2017NET Sample Papers 2017– Sample Papers should be solved regularly after competing the syllabus.

Ellie :3


atif naqi

Dude perfect

Trans Meme

i know two people who say they have ocd. even tho they only mention their "ocd" when i point out something out of place! they don't say anything about it unless they're reminded.. i dont believe them so i just tell them "are you sure? in most cases its just perfectionism." i dont know if I just dont trust them or if i am actually right? i dont know exactly what ocd means, but i believe its along the lines of "obsessive compulsive disorder"? please let me know^^

Corpse Midget

In Contrast....couldn't the police box just be...a police box? I mean it would fit the setting. Kinda sucks that show took away any use that object could have in any other situation.

Andreas Riyanto

Lol malaysia,negara malay maling semua

Shreyan's Corner

The glass bottle

hxnnxh gxmes

I’ve just realised that these videos are starting to make me anxious

Kristen Calvacca

i sub and turn on nofcations


The beat is nice to the message you delivering. I was a nip fan from 08. I didn't keep pluggin in to his newer albums and an hr within the news of his death I posted on my fb about it & nobody seem to know or care until a week or two or three later! Band wagon support came flooding in. I got zero probs with ppl showing respect. I just hate how when u alive nobody pays u any mind yet the day u pass, everyone a fan. That's gotta stop! Wish Nip could see all this but its to late. The marathon continues in our hearts. The music will live on if u a fan of that! Otherwise Non close homies will use your name to get a buck!


Nice video as always Guru, keep it up! Love the songs btw



Trans people have some of the dumbest logic ever

Selviqer uwu

Im a anxious type ^^’

Nina Datsyuk

Aren’t u a trans gender though? Or is it real?

John Marrero

Dude perfect against Harlem globe trotters


I'll be so mad if I find out that my son is transgender but he still be my son.

Adnan Mehta

Kobe Bryant

Saudarsh Pal

Last part,my favorite 😂😂😆🙂

My advice:don't you ever mess with russian girls they can fight back haha

SoLei Ramos

#2 in Philippines let's keep it up ph ONCEs and international ONCEs..


Some of those shots look fake

And it would still be the same

poop ass

first dude

Skylar Shaymin

so... you guys fixed the court?

Abhik Roy

Oh damnit. It actually looks good.


Smoking is terrible 😭

Jackeline Zambrano

Me encanta 🥰😘


Wow. Iron Sky. Unless you watch that for comedic relief. Then again it's your life so you do you mate.

Ilhan Hassan

Ok so I gotta dare for you, you gotta post

Britni Braithwait

Awesomesauce .love dude perfect

kealey ratzmann

weres the ratchet and clank 2 insomnia museum?

Reny Jade

Yo guys is there panda his my fav

Anxiety Cat

Elsa is apart of the avengers confirmed


Omg. I love Simply Crepes! I was just saying this morning how I gotta go back again for breakfast, but that parking situation is some bullshit. Love that you worked there, makes me like that place even more.

Kenny D

Ty's hair

dark warrior3021

how are you


for this u have to be talent!:)


I m a gırl but ı dont want to be gırl .ı want to be a boy . I don't want to be weak from men. why do i need protection.Im from turkısh and ım a Muslım. ı sometimes rebel against my god(ALLAH) why should I turn off to protect myself from men(with veil )


Yep okay now I'm sold