Nabu Babu Dani

Could you plz try domeno


You can actually have the sword from noctus in AC:Origin


i would censor myself with anything and I would cover my self a little bit ! ! ! !

Edrich Gaming

Who felt like crying while watching the video?



Back to the problem of communism: This same problem has happened in communist societies (or what has passed for communism) but not because people's basic needs were met. Rather it was because people ONLY had their basic needs met, EVEN if they tried to work harder, get a promotion or innovate in some way. But the USA is NOT a communist country. If people's basic needs were met with a basic income they could also work harder for extra income and so we escape this 'incentive' problem. This has been pointed out in other comments, that people's wages would be in ADDITION to basic income rather than instead of it.

Sumi Encem

All of the youtuber , I think this is the appropriate way to introduce sponsors


Call it the “over the tree swish”


that helicopter and car shot was awesome!!

Tim Belleville

My mum gave birth to me in 2 hours

you are wrong

Luke Drason

Confetti hand not cool

jashawn sowers

I got every adidas nmd I finally got the nmd camo $1,000+

Cozby Pillz

It’s great how you actually make great quality videos and you actually care about your content.

tl tl

Make a dope or nope with car gadgets (including stringlights, car airfreshners ect)


Title of video should be, "who's the blonde girl with the legs out at 0:23?"

Guigus 2

Eu nao sei falar ingles , mas tenho vontade de aprender

kavita shettar

2018 anyone

Joel Mole

Comparing the marketing to this to the marketing of Frozen 1 is like comparing mouldy bread to chocolate: it’s stunning how improved the trailers have been!

FireFly Silver

I dont know how you did that!


when i saw manhunt i lost my sh¡t, honestly its the only game (manhunt 2 included) from rock star that i actually enjoy...


In hoc drew and sean! iykyk

Joshua Collantes

Mr. Beast: longest lostreak wins

Lmao Son

Dez caught it.


my father is a complete psychopath...he has threatened me 2 times...and he said its because he loves me...I don't think threatening someone because you love them is something that exists and it will NEVER exist...and my father didn't only threaten me...he threatened everyone who cares about me...and he is apparently friends with people in the mafia...but...he probable would kill people if he had a good enough excuse...he WANTS to kill...he would kill me...and he made me want to commit suicide...I haven't though...but...that's only because I am just trying to protect everyone...and I force myself to put all the pressure of lying to everyone,keeping secrets, and all the other crap I have to go through...I put all the pressure on myself...I honestly don't care what happens to me as long as all my friends (and that included most of my family too) are safe...

ViZu Restart

Do you play on ps4 or xbox one?

Chuong Nguyendinh

:) vỏ ko ảo


you forgot your own easter egg in top 5 scareiest easter eggs , when you shoved the splatoon easter egg

Cao Hà Minh

I like you dude !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?!!!!!!!!


I am a ball hunter and my friend is a PGA rule enforcer


Those camera-men aren't as good as they think they are. lol Great vid. :p

neha misra

The music at the beginning made me brace myself for the Avengers theme only to realise what I was watching again lol



make more classic series please!

N1no 77

Im probaly just stupid but the origins crew in cotd?

Justin Noah

Braves all the way (even thought they suck)


Like if Team Edge should play sharks and mentos