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Plainrock 124

It has s my birth day


"I can't believe that they did this to me"


ok ok....we all need this to be real KANE AND LYNCH MEET HITMAN THE GAME


I Swear The Slo Mo Guys And Dude Perfect Need To Collab!!


Baseball stereotype

Marit Fobes

the fishing looked the most fun to me

Oren Atsynia

Good video

Lorenzo Jingco

Don’t you have more aunts and grand parents


Skrt skrt skrt 💨💨💨💨

ιαωк ;;


LinabeanlovesFox YT

The chairs look like dicks

Midwest Gamer

Halo 1.5 story before halo 2.👏

LGN Archives

Since this video was made last year does anyone know if the pizza planet truck is in zootopia?

Mason Novak


Alexis Macias

I love panda

Lea Walls

3:19 .The docter should not have worded it that way especally with a young person there ,its not your fault , please know that.

Munmun Chowdhury

This is a story that is so private that you did not tell your mom but you shared it with thousands of people wow ❤️LOVE YOU BY THE WAY

sullen jet084

Scoliosis I have it my back hurts all the time scoliosis is not curable soon I'll be crippled but it is treatable but I don't like how the therapist puts his hand of me so I stopped going so now as I speak my back is slowly curving to the point I can't walk no more it's better than how the therapist touched me so yeah but I'm trying my best trying to take care of my back

Mr Caesar

I think the movements should feel/look a little more natural, but in all honesty the combat seems promising. I would love it if the lightsaber hilt was customizable and by that i mean, allowing you to switch between single blades to double-bladed sabers (during or out of combat which leads to epic combos/causing the ai to react more defensivly or aggressivly) that way combat would be really mixed up - you could even utilize in-game files such as those electric pikes/staffs since they're double-handed it wouldn't be too much work applying it to the player!

blahblahblah2c6 2c6



I laughed at the end of the video

PandaBoy 2708

This is a comment to make Ty laugh

Noah Hurtado

i knew i wasent seeing things. the 1st time i saw the bvs movie easter eggs when i saw the dj khaled placard on the desk, i was like is that right,Is THAT EVEN REAL

area33fx._ Riuewpassa

i so bad for the minion :( but whatever

The life people have to lead now doesn’t help at all.

Prithvi Sundar

isn't Football supposed to player with your feet? I get it, Americans are weird XD Good shit Dp


I'm a little confused at the plot of this frozen, but I gotta admit ..IM REALLY EXCITED

Harendra Singh

Dude Sierra won

The BaconBen123

Panda won

Like if you cried too


I’m glad your still alive

Joel BoyBlue

when poeple find out what Rem really looks like