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Local girls perform local songs on the stage either in a group performance or individually.
After GTR and Pioneer, DJ Bar is probably the third best nightclub in Yangon and the dance floor is usually jam packed most of the night.There is an admission charge of USD5 which includes a draught Dagon beer.The girls here are very friendly and work most nights of the week.It has the most nightlife activity and more places to socialize.The city is filled with so much randomness, craziness and energy which makes every day an adventure.In Yangon whether you are drinking in the high end bars or local karaoke bars you are likely to encounter working girls.Pro: Large dance floor and good music.They kick you out around 3am and then there is pretty not much more available.However they are by no means ladylike; Fanfan pokes me Dont look that ones peeing, I of course look and yes she is peeing, leggings round her knees, peeing on the pavement.I try sneak a photo between the trees (as below).
In my first few weeks I came across the hilarious term 'Sex-pat' which I can now say for the majority of Ex-pats - is very much the case.

The girls here are friendly and social.If you want to meet-up with normal.They are almost entirely from Burma so there is not the problem of trying to sort the wheat out from the chaff.There is a popular pool table here which attracts many pool sharks, including some highly escort escocia skilled local girls who are frequent patrons and hang around the pool table.Arriving late to Mandalay Palace we are quickly shooed away by the armed guards patrolling the front gates which leaves us in the lurch for the evening.Con: Show usually ends at midnight.Drinks Price range: USD2.50 for a can of Tiger.Girl Price range: 50,000 to 100,000 Kyat for short stay or until morning, depending on negotiation and how you get along with your girl.Nightclubs, as usual nightclubs are one of the best places to visit to meet and pick up Burmese girls.The club is large by Myanmar standards, the music is loud current and there is excellent lighting, making Pioneer one of the better nightclubs in Yangon.