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Arlando Bailey

Hi guru, i love your videos and all your Easter eggs, they are all so interesting, thank you for taking the time to find these Easter eggs.(by the way is ur YouTube photo a Easter egg or no)


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Avq Guthrie

3:08 looks very suspicious guys. slow down the vid to 0.25 and corys second pencil ends up on the other side with the eraser down. like if you saw it too


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G Chapp

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Pramod P

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Arvind Punk

Dude's not a professional app developer. He can't be "perfect" in everything. Just enjoy watching the videos in free time. :)

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chris kehrer

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Clay Blight

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Robert Bolinger

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Sergio loeza

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Kerwane Cooper

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Eloise Newman

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Ford Smith

do a julio jones edition

IzzyRose LovesBnha

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Allora Bell

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Michael Hutchinson


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