Mr Bojangles-Sammy Davis Jr.- (Axel Rønne Cover version )#MrBojangles - YouTube

I DO NOT OWN THIS SONG OR LYRICS ALL COPYRIGHTS GOES TO : Jerry Jeff WalkerMr. BojanglesI knew a man, Bojangles and he danced for youIn worn out shoesSilver hair, a ragged shirt and baggy pantsThe old soft shoeHe jumped so highHe jumped so highThen he'd lightly touch downI met him in a cell in New Orleans, I wasDown and outHe looked to me to be the eyes of ageAs he spoke right outHe talked of lifeHe talked of lifeHe laughed, clicked his heels and steppedHe said his name, Bojangles and he danced a lickAcross the cellHe grabbed his pants, a better stanceOh, he jumped so highThen he clicked his heelsHe let go a laughHe let go a laughPushed back his clothes all aroundMr. BojanglesMr. BojanglesMr. BojanglesDanceHe danced for those in minstrel shows and county fairsThroughout the southHe spoke with tears of fifteen years how his dog and himTraveled aboutThe dog up and diedHe up and diedAfter twenty years he still grievesHe said I dance now at every chance in honky tonksFor drinks and tipsBut most the time I spend behind these county barsHe said I drinks a bitHe shook his headAnd as he shook his headI heard someone ask him pleasePleaseMr. BojanglesMr. BojanglesMr. BojanglesDance

Jonathan Remund

Ok so I think I have half depression if that makes any sense

Terry Andaya

you missed a mask on the counter +the map bank is kinda desame on the plantation map in l4d2 and in assault you can find the desame tunnel in l4d and the map safehouse is the desame with the map where the saint lidia boat would come and save you

potato Coco

That is what a toxic friend does 😠


High ball arrow swisher

Pamela Sfeir

he won cz he drinked his whole water bottle 😒


rip big black

KaiKai176 22

Hey how about everybody lets coby win for the 1st time


I really want a pug too!! 😃😂

Roldan Borgonia

I love dude perfect

Me:*picture with a wallpaper white and says no clothes*

Nina Pandatjeee

The drawing style is different from the other videos? Love this serie



Thanos : hey what are you guys talking about!!!!

Squiddy Salty


Tobi Areje

I HAVE THE SAME WATCH AS YOU. It's a dope watch.

Oliver Dobrovic



i sleep talk and possible since i move in my sleep like sitting up and stuff i probably will start sleep walking.... 'O-O"

Britney Lambkin

Go Garrett!

Dana Quinton

Houston Texans should draft him

crazy waffles

Wow no words just visited new York city the other week thank God no one else was injured

Joe minchinton

YouTube vs Youtubers with patreon coming in to back up the Youtubers

Hai Yang Dex Gamer

Ignore lung capacity


Vice City will always be the best gta game in the series

Gaming_spartan 202

Ha his teammates didn’t even have a fuckin clue that nessy was there

Maria Salas

Why y’all so stupid as soon u hear the banging go to ur mom

God creation is better then human creation


Is that the guy who beat LeBron in horse?

Anup Kumar

get your own dude perfect pets and do a battle with it guys😎😎😎😎

hayden belva

dayumm pro edit


I finally got a right diagnosis. Luckily at a young age, 21.

Brianna Houser

If anxiety was a person I would kill them 🤷‍♀️ I hate anxiety sooooo much




Dude you haven't been to a Roadhouse until you've had their Texas eggrolls

Sefa Kahyaoglu

End ıf the video was awesome :d

Sidharta Sarisuk

this video made me cry 😔😢😭 I don't want that to happen. 6-5-19 The seat saver


props to Diamond Pistols for always making fire beats!