Move It - Hippo and Sealion

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OCD is no joke.

Me: gets a teddy bear for my birthday

Joana Lazzaris


The New King

Never been so hyped for a video before!

Justin But digital

The did coby so dirty


What librarian say


I love you

Tyler Sweat

Dude perfect do a madden 17 battle it will be awesome

Mangos YT

23 bounces

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Trent Spencer

about time, please let us pay for a direct download so that we don't have to pirate it. Nobody with a brain wants to have steam etc infecting their PC.



1:58 sooo me


Honestly though, she sounds like the kind of girl who causes shit and doesn’t take responsibility for it. She blames the world for her problems!

Carlie Strahorn

I think y’all should go to Brazil nexy

wyatt nelson

COD!!!! DO NOT SAY THE PARAPHRASE AGAIN! *shivers in disgrace" because of trollers!

Lexii Leija

I would not mind a dog birthday video every week for the month of June 🎉

Monty Blaze X.O

Did this woman just say 1965


I saw his skin it's human duh


Panic attacks are straight from Hell. I take Klonopin & it REALLY helps. I couldn’t get through life, without a benzodiazepine. They KILL my anxiety & panic attacks. I’m 61 now, & I’ve been on a benzodiazepine since around 1975.

Nicholas George

The same exact thing SAME thing is happening to me(except the crush thing and opposite gender) im 150 us pounds

De ginger Gamer

Have the game it's the best game I have ever played in my life x best video I have seen yet keep it up guys😁😎

You got a boyfriend oh is it the trash can


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Falconsfan 1919

film Matt Rayn

Devraj Yalachigere

Only panda or nothing

Cindy Rojas

What do I do if I have this...I feel like hurting myself because I hate this ...I need to feel something...I don’t want to take pills because I don’t want to take drugs to “heal me” I tried finding happiness through religion and faith and I still can’t do it right. I try finding happiness with love and I can’t keep a relationship with the man I love...


It is, it’s called talking

Grant Reilly


Dude Max

I like the eagles but cowboys suck


Well donne guru !! As well 😉

Micah Benavidez