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Reaper The Indoraptor

This looks better than the first movie.

Lor Shawn

I like your stuff 😎😎

Nadine Graham

team jamamica all the way



Sweden, of course you move over into the next seat, in fact you probably would stand instead of taking the middle seat. Korea, you take the middle seat even if there is a free seat on the aisle if the person is of the opposite sex and no you don't move when the aisle seat becomes free.

Madison Taylor

Yay I'm happy 4 u I thing

I eat penis because

This is really cringe bruh but I feel kinda bad

Toxic YT

#YIAYjob I bet she works at UMG

Surreal Feeds

You are an amazing youtuber, you can just tell the how much effort you put in your videos keep up the good work.

Daniel Tavares



FunWithGuru, England's greatest export.

Олег Тимошин

В 8 есть еще пасхалка слева от костюма атаки титанов висит платье из моногатари

Bobert Johnson

You know, most of these aren't that impressive after seeing #2.

Evanboss ippolito


King Junior go ahead check this out

Coconut Playz

Why was there a banana and milk like on that thing

hanzo the akuma ninja and killer

Wjat is the tiger

Mr Goodman Pay your house payment

She shouldn’t of saved him if I was his father I would of beat him so much the gay will just fall out of him which probably will not happen so I’ll just beat him every day until he’s old enough to leave which will be 20 and every day for 5 years I will abuse him and then laugh 😂 at him

Elena Stoecker

I was a bit confused this whole story


Good job

Gavin Trost

Kevin Durant

3Ragusa 676

One like = one Uganda Knuckels trick shot edition

TheReal RedWolfofDeath

Make this on PC. We shouldn’t be forced to buy an inferior system to play Pokémon anymore. Otherwise we’ll just pirate this game and there’s quite literally nothing you can do about it.

Bearly Funny


Musical Relaxation

Colab with DaksDominos

Md Tousif

Nice shot

Vanessa Hope

My mom thinks I’m lying.

jason norton

What is your favorite Neff gun 🔫🔫🔫🔫🔫.

Adam Cook

They said the f word

Tony Alberto

Alócate y hazte mía

Annie Griffin

I see Becky G, I click

Syahrul Firmansyah

Shit that battlefield 4 easter egg creep me put


After watching this..

Stella Park

My grades started to drop

Elbahri Tv

Give me back my mind

Tate Cole


TracyPlayz :p

3:55 To know the Presents


Been a fan for a long time now.

Ashlynn Passmore

Inga: " I feel like it's getting smoother."


I feel so bad

Michelle Wooten

5:15 was Awesome.

Lax For life!!!

Hey I'm going to drop a like on everyone's comment for 10 likes

Vexiy Ish

Why does jaiden drew him so good ,

Deinoras Bulvydas

Oh the clasic batlefiel 1942 its the clasic one look it up

It also may happen your father blackmailed her. Your biological mother was afraid that your father will take you away from her that's why she didn't tell him about you . So why she won't contact with you later ??

Edgar Quintero

Bro this video isn’t very good there are so many more problems associated with eating other ANIMALS. You are what you eat vegan all the way

Dixie McCorkell

my bus is cold the silver bulit

Jesús Castillo

Cody is the panda because when the panda is there Cody is not there

Xenon Pressure

Who saw Ty in the back when he was talking about paper football

Nery ツ



guurll i have to give a big salute to u

L’OM Droit au but

Cristiano Ronaldo suffered the same experience with his dad


Laura Hernandez

5:19 he didnt even hit the button 😂

Some Salty Bitch

I was thinking your crepe recipe sounded damn familiar to the one I use, and then you said Alton Brown :’) fuck yes