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Marvels Spiderman

Strait thought she about to confess love.😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

Robin Could

Honestly i still remember the old cod black ops 2 zombies tutorials and have stuck around since, Guru Kid~

... ... ...|',/,/:||:\,\: : : “'~,,~~---,,,_: : : : : : : : '\: : : : : ,: :|


It's a song, a good one at that, and if you don't understand, then fuck you.

Edit: I forgot, the Ditto wasn't transforming perfectly. The Ditto couldn't replicate the eyes of the people or Pokemon it copied. Fun fact, the Meltan reveal of Pokemon Go and Let's Go relied on Professor Oak using the memories of Ditto that copied Meltan sent to him by Professor Willow for research.

Tommy Roberts

I didn't know his voice till now but love your videos bro keep the good work I always do some Easter eggs on games I have that you made videos of lol I see them for me self they are really cool.

I'll see myself out...

:\ Noki

a fucking pencil crayon you could’ve stolen something else but you stole a fucking pencil crayon


“Christmas came early!” I died mentally and physically..

àsmä Eslam

انا جايه احقد وبس😒

MCPE Wizards




Jeffrey Monceaux

Sorry for everyone that wasn't from this country! Go to a gay parade

Martina Amosu

Ur boyfriend is cheating on u

Fluttershy Reacts

Twist! Me: aRe YoU t-SeRiEs

Kushal Pal Singh


Kaushal Sona

Last one 😍😍

Mike The Fox

wait a minute, Cory in the house isnt an Anime it's a live-action sitcom

Daniel B

Serena Williams abusing Cody for 7 minutes and 42 seconds

Kim Ora

I cried...😢this is such a BEAUTIFUL storie

Cayle'e Lofton

Next time that happens punch in his face.

David Khoury

you destroy hulk🙀


The Rita Skeeter one actually was one of my earlier asmr memories. I used to play that scene over and over.

Arman Elbekyan

Postavte like esli u vas imiee est bukva A

Chris Ochoa

Team shatter

Hannah Perry

my favorite video is all of them. I love you guys. You guys are amazing

dill weed hall

what are those things there riding on 😎😎😎

Clay Bradley

Lady how many butterflys did u eat

jasius virtudes

i cant believe seamus and spoon missed that easter egg on alien colonial marines they found the switch but they didnt go back

chalan beli

this mom is sososo stupid