Mock Test 124 NTA NET Final Revision 1 For JUNE 2019 | By Navdeep Kaur - YouTube

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xzile noj

hey guys you didnt notice his clothes before he go and shot its dirty already means he did many times before he takeperfect shot.... thumbs up ^^

Tyler Cuccia


Lil rat Peep

Girl you need to get out of that relationship fast

Autistic Al

You had an ad on this video for an apex legends coin scam.

But I think in that situation you clinge on everything you have left


Coby is the one who's surprise everyone one day

Deivis 2211

Is false

Anvesh Rajeshirke

thou huyền trang ? who's this?

Laurenz Rothfuss

More please

Jeff Deff


Dean Ambrose was too.

Golden Destiny

Love this vid

Proper sniper head shot

Marc Shlyshen

I love how Marcus reacts to the Eater Eggs.

The New King

Guru is back! <3

Doggo Lover

Man, if I was that girl’s parents, I would explain why the LGBT community is valid and tell her to apologize to her friend about what she said. Not, “You can whatever view you want and disagree with a whole community’s existence.” Anyway, this was obviously made up by some homophobic middle aged woman who saw that “those gays” were poisoning society and bringing hell upon us all. This is so retarded.

Kendal Gorka

I have panic attracts but I have never had it as bad at you, one time this little kid from another neighborhood came to my farm and my dad told me to teach him to drive our side- by- side, and he crashed it and I had a panic attack because I was so scared of how my parents would react

She cuts every connection of help or highlightning of her problems. Luckily, this issues have been of less nowadays. But it still is a problem.

Connor Mikesch

Do Jason Aldean in one of ur videos


I like asmr, but I hated that scene in Inglorious Bastards. Dunno if it was because I hate eating sounds, mouth sounds, or the Nazis.

Marcos Hernandez

do doom

Sam Ellis

is this the same song?

Alden Kallatsa

Green bay packers

Keira Singer

a B? really?

Brett Woolsey

Haha they lost to tje blues in the second round im from st.luois by the way


Agniva Bagchi

best hot ones ever

Rodrigo Mancillas

You deserve more than 500,000 subs

nidal hasnaa

Is this a joke or are you going editing it???

lim siryuean

Put it on steam, then we'll talk

abhishek wakalkar

392 is my highest score

Sean Ferree

I learned all the tricks then realized I have no friends to impress 😳


You missed right next to Jak and Dexter, Qbert... HELLO!!!!

Haziq Hipni


Alesia Maragall Leon

No puede ser que en todos los videos que hagas la partas te amo tanto

TheFlash 1018

... and then fast forward some years and he's a male stripper meme

Balkrishna Mishra

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//Orange Sky//

Thx for writing spoiler s ahead

Its a gamble whenever my mom is nice or not


I only looked at the thumbnail (didn't watch video) I think it is Jennifer Lopez

the Iron wolverine

mexico, brick wall.

Jojo Mia

what a talent they have!

Chowder fan 2.0

Marvel fans: I can’t wait to play as captain amercia

The Wonderful Life Of ME

Knocking a lid off a bottle with a boomerang

Lucia Bonilla

Tom brady

riplclip129 SCS

I'll give you a ride to the hospital


I feel this way but I don't want help as in therapy