Mississippi Board of Education - May 21, 2020 - YouTube

class="metadata-updateable-description" Regular meeting of the Mississippi State Board of Education.

Sandhiren Pillay

1:34 that transition gave me goosebumps

sam taylor

Does this continue from halo 5 and evil Cortana?

Ty Holden

They are both from Canada most hockey players are from Canada 🇨🇦

Luzy T

Yes I love❤️

Wazien Asfar

Nicely done and also amazing arts with a great message

Venus Sykes

It’s comforting to know that people understand what I’m going through. I was diagnosed with bpd when I was 8.

The one that is bullied

Ahmed Mostafa

omg the video art!

Thomas 006

00:03 ahhhhh my ears 00:05-00:17 lowder and 00:18-00:21 why is my comment highlighted

This Story is Absolutely B

Half-life fan 39


Violet Robinson

What is it with her and that weird slit top

alan daud


Blue cup Gaming

They’re a sTrAnGeR

Reprogramming Mind

Title only makes sense if you are nobody.

We didn’t rest, I didn’t wanna rest. I wanted to see my grandmother ASAP.

Luka Dood

Almost April 2019 anyone

Pug puppy

She is such a bitch omygawd

..It took you that long. 9 years is old enough. At the age of 5 I understood death and how to recognize it via checking pulse. But you took 10 minutes to even feel scared? I swear, kids these days don't get taught how to recognize death. TEACH YOUR KIDS TO RECOGNIZE DEATH.

I think Android

Thomas Pye

@Dude Perfect this isnt nerf guns its balls and hoops


he did not do the lilo and stitch one

Randi Parsons




You're welcome.

Wonder why?


0:06 Cody


whose watching this in 2017me

Owen Sorter

The stone is a pewds brofist

Dominik Hofbauer

Wiz is a KING 👑💯🔥


Kayleigh Larkman

Love you Tati, you go glen coco xoxox

Except I'm in middle school.. not highschool. And I'm 12.

Daniel Tsui

the visual is sick! and i just noticed that all the consoles(next gen) uses AMD Graphic card...

Elizsa Mimidas

Relate able

John Schoenfelder

I'm sir bets a lot

Pixel Basgolova

I kept waiting to hear Noob start talking.


Champagne isn't smooth it's bubbly

tik tok

Anyone sub to me I Will back

Nick Lovell

See walls work

Icy Nootlet

nice vid guys maybe late with a reaction but nice vid


Hey you know its a pretty big easter egg with the pub because in uncharted 3 on the side (near the darts boards) theres a newspaper that references the last of us ;)