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jake siegman

amazing dude perfect

Filip_Femi 09

Every 9 y.o dream bday party


The 10 million shot isnt even that far!

роман бей

Хто руской

Mackenzie Canada

I dont understand why u would even make a video with all three of u without James. PATHETIC 🙄

Max Carlin

Coby or Cory will win


Why tf this look so damn cool

Bermin Bts

when i heard manila i stood up at my chair and said


Outback all day

Pass the Bleachaboo

Power armor is for pussies

ღ SassyLu ღ :3

Bruh l hate this video-..and the girl who was bullying that sad girl-

Pine Apple

#4 worst not that creepy

noman ejaz

tyler is a cheater

Pablo gamer


I’m shock that the mother didn’t smacked that brainless loser

Azetyxe Fortnite Gaming

Don't cut trees if you cut trees it will destroy earth


I squealed at “I love you too”


@lolroflburger i don't know what's wrong with you, but the ball curves when i throw it from one end of the court to the other...that's like full court x20

Anna Bagley

it's not water turning the shirt darker, their showing what happens when it gets cold!! XD LOL!!

Walter Hartwell White

Nice vid man, I literally love your work


Shane Loewen

0:19 offside

Fast_Boiii 69

How the fuck do u only have 600K???

Shyamali Das

Next game PUBG battle royale or who poops most 💩


Ethan VanS


Regular Dude

@tudor19867 cause they probably still wear them afterwards

Derpy Plays

This is so meaningful. Dont try to be something u are not dont try to be good at something your bad just focus on what u can do

Sean DG

360 and windmill and tomahawk

Julia Husted

“Or you could get two robot vacuums”

xNebula UK

Destiny easter eggs??

Juan Imana

Why did we dint see her ass

Johnny Drago

one hand for kan jam we all know the rules

Adham Osman

Egypt LOL

Charley Shoemaker

0:56 can you imagine if he missed that there

Gaming Gurl

U kinda look like hiro from big hero 6

وليد ٠٤

Dogs: woof!Cats: meow!Idiots: 2019!Dude perfect: YYYYEEEAAAHHH!!!

And I’m sure there’s more I don’t know

thom Master

Where is the panda


I saw a documentary by Louis Theroux about kids with bipolar disease. People with bipolar get pretty messed up.

Matty V

R2 got screwed in star trek!


I knew teebagging in halo gave you super powers.