Miley Cyrus Vocal Evolution 1999-2019 (20 years)

Miley Cyrus singing throughout the years starting at 6 years old until 26!.Songs She sings:1999- Why Baby Why2004-Holding onto a dream2006-I got nerve2007-We got the Party2007-All I want for Christmas2008-See you again2008- Driveway2009-Butterfly fly away2010- Forgiveness and Love2010-When I look at you2011-The Climb2012-Jolene2012-You're gonna make me lonesome when you go2013-We can't Stop2013- Wrecking Ball2014-Drive2015-Hands Of Love2015-No freedom without Love2016-Rebel Yell2016- Dream On2017-Week Without You2017- The Climb2018-Constant Sorrow2018-War Is Over2019-Nothing Breaks Like a Heart2019- In my blood


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Rebekah Robinson

Brave: stonesRise of the Guardians: ghost horses

Saifullah Habid

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Mark Angel Llandino

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Lara’s World

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I was really hoping you’d do a video on this. Cheers man 😊👍

Ruthless Gee

First to to remake this song Snoop and wiz

Lucious Sleek

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5.  Pop Out

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0:44 Ty you didn't touch the bag, that was only a single play.

Mélanie Villeneuve



My fav of these is the last!