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Download Mike WiLL Made-It “23” ft. Miley Cyrus, Wiz Khalifa & Juicy JDirector: Hannah Lux Davis and Michael IlliamsFollow Mike WiLL Made-It:Twitter: www.twitter.com/mikewillmadeitIG: video by Mike Will Made It performing 23 (Explicit) ft. Miley Cyrus, Wiz Khalifa & Juicy J. © 2013 Interscope#MikeWiLLMadeIt #23 #Vevo #HipHop #MileyCyrus

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I swear if she dies I'll never be the same

Anyway for the video great job as always and if persons says you lack of making videos are bad because it's too long, i just want to say "Patiance is a vertue" Or something like that, You aren't a gameplay person more a person who show/found easter eggs.

Tony Plascencia Hernandez

Weirdest white family

jun an

no offense panda but are you a delivering man

Jodi Masters

NASCAR, Thousand Foot Krutch? Trick shots? This is amazing!

Mom: "It's that dammmn phone!!!

Her: gone redusted to atoms


Because the camera turned, and the wind was no longer blowing into the sound receiver.I.e. The wind was blowing -->]---and this was the receiver. When it turned, the wind was still blowing --> [---but the receiver was facing the other way with the rest of the camera between it and the wind.

Orange Bot_42

6:12 that is how black ops 2 zombies came to be.

Luana Oliveira

That free song I am, free I am. Why does she end up alone in the sandcastle? Ice? Because she's a lesbian. Nothing is by chance. Believe me, people are armed, articulate, the dog is very well articulated, there we are alienated. Then the princess of Frozen will come back to wake the sleeping beauty with the gay kiss.Esa música libre estoy, libre estoy. ¿Por qué termina sola del castillo de arena? ¿De hielo? Porque ella es lesbiana. Nada es por acaso. Creer, gente ellos están armados, articulados, el perro está muy bien articulado, ahí nos estamos alienados. En ese momento la princesa del Frozen volverá a despertar a la bella dormida con el beso gay.Aquela música livre estou, livre estou. Por que ela termina sozinha do castelo de areia ? De gelo ? Porque ela é lésbica. Nada é por acaso. Acredite, gente eles estão armados, articulados, o cão é muito bem articulado, aí nos estamos alienados. Aí a agora a princesa do Frozen vai voltar pra acordar a bela adormecida com o beijo gay.

Ben Palmer



You should do a trick shot video with John Isner or Jack Sock.

Birdy Creation

Everyone seems to comment about weed, but at least you can put your weed in there

Plush Hunter

That dog 😭

Kenneth Gould

I hate you

Jarod Hellerud

The Notched Pickaxe From Skyrim Is One Of My Favorites!


How many balls where lost in this video?


Quite "Staff morale increased" part.

Mallory Bond

We need more teachers like that. We really do

Andd he has a mask on anyhow if it did hit em in the face It wouldn't hurt

Look At The Clown

6:54 now that's a big glory hole

Oralia Méndez

Team up with Aj Green on Cincinnati bengalas

Diddy Melone

the greatest ASMR sensation I had while reading deathly hallows, the scene, where ollivander checks the wands. I read these 2 and a half pages like 50 times in a row :D

Especially the one with the child, that has these red carvings on his face.


I expect this movie to have the EndGame vibe in it


so are they both singing about rihanna? xd

Daredevil and Deadpool mask.

Sentri Gouna

Lol i loved the Half Life easter egg

Emmanuel Oviedo Guerrero


Nehemiah Perez

the kayaking one.


why does he have a frikin gun?????


Uhhhhhhhhhhhhh this is fucking sick.

Josemanuel Mendoza


Ice Wallow come

You should have used screenshots in real life xD

Samuel DeLoach

"We know hes in this area, we think"???????


i loved the endinng: i dont care... i still dont care

George Speth

i watched this in 2017