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Monir Drg

Seth rolins wwe

I am now 12 years old, and even though my home life still isn't the best, I can say that I am happy.


Honestly, I like the way you do your videos. Whenever I see a British commentator play something like GTA V they are always obnoxious and annoying for no reason, kinda like that guy you showed in your video. Do whatever you want though, I don't mind your voice.


1 like if you cry


Great idea for coming up with this! I would have never thought of this!!!

mahiv emdad

Germany is lit bro


Keep fighting, don't let them take what you worked so hard for. I'll keep you in my prayers


i dont know what i am

Holl yy


Nicolas Nielson Ibarrola

tom bradyyyyy

Drippy Jay

You came for 3:50

Zac Anderson

This dude lowkey remind me of young cheif keef


I'm guessing Elsa's goin to find out how she got her powers?


3:09 so fucking badass, i can watch it all day

thehotel grace

they should play dragon ball xenoverse v2

I’ve been doing this challenge for 2 months now.

Government: I’m about to change this girls life.

Ruthu Thara

U guys better be fast and furious drivers


that guy in zombie army looks like the black guy from left4dead2 in my opinion.

Merc Ury


And i kinda feel good that she's gone cuz I had opportunity to hang out with others, not just with her😅

Jacob Smith

I also bowl with 2 hands

I'm ayano and a fam of Everything

Ilike this type of art

Emperor Sheev

i love democracy..

Brenda Krieger

D'awe kitties💕🐱🐈

simon sodusta

You know, sometimes I have the same problems, I never feel like I’m doing enough. Now that you shared your story, I’m starting to feel relieved. Thank you for sharing your story, your feelings, and your wanted achievements. For me, you have set off a beacon of inspiration and relief that I’m not the only one going through this. Thank you 😊

Hi Fwend!!!

Good video !!!

Waiema Jake

Great vid.

BEN Sprague


Максим Курдин

Что за хуйня? ИИ бегают как улитки, а выстрелы бластера летают со скоростью бегущего человека

Thomas Tanner

2:36, 0_0

Damien V. Zamora

that zombie ending blew my mind!!!!!!!!!!!

Jonathan Fernandez

This bit ain’t the same without Lebron


🎳 bowling with 🏀 basketball was awesome

Caterine Kub

Wait is mist a real thing now?

Kate Smith

you cheated with the RC car fakes

Sonny Boy

13-16sec 0.25 speed

Project AI

bear me Jim


Ew wtf.. He's really a creep lol doesn't help that he's an old one too.

Jaime Tejedor Ugarte

So, this means that every developer studio will have his own pet? I mean, AC with the giant quid, battlefield the megalodon... What´s up with the big monsters? XDDD



Dude, do you really not know any infomation about he gnomes? I love all of your videos and all the easter eggs you find, but you seriously don't know this reference? It's Gnome Chompski! From the Valve games! Left 4 Dead 2 and Half Life 2!

Henry Windsor Rurikovich

That was super excited and entertainment 🔥


Let it go! Let it Go!

Dominic Iannucci

I thought they would shoot from a plane in the air, let down much?

Toxic Comment

That's so crazyProud of you

Oliver Connor

Yo do I have seen all your vids

ryan skinner

cool vidio

Jamie Hayes

Usually when you are pregnant with girls you get super sick, honestly I'm not gonna be surprised if they have a girl

Lord of Deer

There's a lollipop in black museum from the first episode of the season, also the pad the mom uses in arkangle

I’m A Mess

I live near Memphis/Downtown!!