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• Botão On/Off com quatro posições.À esquerda desligado, à direita “Guitarra”. Posições centrais “Bateria” e “Piano”;• Possui botão Efeito, que quando pressionado, aciona luzes e sons. São seis tipos de efeitos sonoros;•Aperte e segure o botão Estrela e a luz acenderá iniciando a gravação. Solte o botão para concluir a gravação do conteúdo. O tempo máximo de gravação é de 20 segundos. Durante a gravação e reprodução as luzes piscarão;• • Botão Tocar Música: pressione o botão para tocar a música, pressione novamente para mudar a música. Ao todo são 4 músicas para cada modo, “Bateria”,“Piano” e “Guitarra”. As luzes piscarão de acordo com a música;• Mantenha a esfera do microfone pressionada para ouvir uma buzina;• Quando não utilizado por 30-50 segundos, aciona o modo stand-by.

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1:16 on the wall it looks like Smile Dog

Nahomi Diaz

It help me with my grampa i cant stop crying i been so mean with him thank you for this vidoe


I commented - in bed. no like literally


DeezNuts 247

coby looks better

Gta5rocksjelly 09

Actaully they're HOULISINATIONS

Michell Atkinson


Anna Jones

When this girl plays Cards against Humanity


2:47 how do you have that costume


Plot twist it was a dream

I am pluto

I'm really skinny but I eat a lot of junkfood and food so ya


Why does the videos you linked do not exist?

Quinnwood25 Woodapm

Adventure planet you will make awesome shots there

Fajar Raihan

Is a dick?


Miguel Sanchez

2:30 look at the treasures he had in the list

molecada rais


marina b-army

call me by your name ❤️😭

You: "Try to find a job you love"

Eric Magallon


Charlotte Horlock

Great idea for a video! The Family Guy bit was genius.


Watching this on 360p and it looks amazing!! I cant imagine what it looks like in 4k 😱


10:53 Obvious reference to the Heaven's Gate mass suicide.

The Cereal Tree

So are daredevil and Deadpool coming to the mcu?????

gr sto

thumbs up


What was the game you were played with coach called

FireFly Silver

Dab that ball!!


So what the game is saying is that the steel sword modeled after Excalibur is weaker than a huge club you can't hold, seems legit.

Keira Bitch11

Why is she only worried about losing her hair? 😳

Quackles The Gamer

2042 anyone?

Zach Langwell

So much better than Tony Romo