Michelle Obama & Tracee Ellis Ross in Conversation at The 2018 United State of Women Summit - YouTube

Watch Michelle Obama and Tracee Ellis Ross in conversation at the 2018 United State of Women Summit on May 5, 2018 Los Angeles. Take action with USOW: theunitedstateofwomen.org/1millionactionsJoin the conversation using #USOW2018 and #StateOfWomen!Livestream filming and production by Women Rising and made possible by YouTube.


At 2:03 Courtney = my sister

Andhika Maulana

You guys always amazed me !!


Awesome video. One of my favourite channels. :D

ItzStarfire Youtube

I-is t-this t-rue?!?!???

You got it, girl, you got it

Izabelson Potatoes

look i know the story is sad etc

Wardog Wattoo

They should of sponsor flex tape 1:23


Anyone remember Sinbad? The music gives me the same haunted vibes


My voice is like im whispering. Im not whispering i don't know why that is.


The food at the hospital I go to is really great, and I love it, so not all hospital food is bad lol anyway, congrats, you guys!!! Proud of you <3

Alesia Maragall Leon

Juanpa i loved the video is amazing the way you perform how you feel by acting but I was scared when you starting throwing things Jjajajaja love you

Ferrer Zorola

I feel this will be even better than the first film. The original is just a classic tale and this looks more epic...

NoChillKarma -


Michael Hernandez



KD wants full credit if he shuts down Kawhi too.. it works both ways but we all know Max loves Kawhi.

Ben.hcky97 Bm

2020 anyone

Sam Barrett

Anyone here 2019

Whoopsy Daisy

These courtside antics from people with more money than sense need to stop. I'm looking at you DRAKE.


FAAAAAAAAAAAAAKKKKKKKKEEEEEEEEEEEand u celebrate that! cant believe it

Marija Boskovska

Hey minute videos


Rodgers is so relaxed at it compared to Brees



William Standaert

I play lacrosse can we get more lax vids plz

Alex, the Slayer of Furrys

Imagine this Bella Thorne copy calling herself latina smh