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Braden Frank


kemali pummi

The ghost in gta v, it will appear (no matter how close you go to it) when you aim in it with sniper rifle.. :DD

Force Ghosting


Cum Stain

Lol...Rip in The Chat....XD....Lmfao.......😔I'm Fucked Up

in_your_mind_ 000

Or u could adopt

Tiffany Wilson

Ty was it hard to travel across all those exercise balls

[ Content ] [ X ]


reyza saini

fuck u tony.. u look like a fool..

Not toxic and slut enough maybe...

K.O._ Plunder

SPOILER ALERT: The final battle will be at the top of the floating castle, to get up there, there will be a stream, more specifically the green stuff that pulls you up, and it's not another game, it's another expansion pack to download that will be complete by this fall, same game, new missions, weapons, and even a shop to buy weapons and shields from, can't tell you my source, just know a special someone told me😉😉, and said I couldn't release there name but a tad bit of info only😄😁😁


Your extremely beautiful and amazing and brave 🥺🥺



Anyone else notice that the double rainbow at the end is impossible? Real double rainbows always have the colours reversed in the second one, so red is facing red.


8:12 💙



Sharon Guevarra

Im in japan

El Sr. Lobo W

these guys are insane. I love it


Cody likes mini stuff

Megan Moya’s Soccer Mom Yeh

Nice k-drama

MegaBite Productions I’m dirty dan

I hate the fact that it’s marbles 11th birthday not because I am a dirty heck in fact I’m the exact opposite but the fact that marbles death makes me sad and when marbles dies who knows what Jenna might do she might just stop uploading but when marbles does die I would wish Marbles a heaven of chasing squirrels

Ivan Marchetti

GTA V is a masterpiece


Cold insides and itchy body plus depression sounds like anxiety to me tbh.

Nick Kamaka

Hey man, spam is a sacred ingredient to us Hawai'ians 😂

Mason Edwards


Mom-Eat your dinner, or I’ll DESTROY your laptop!

David Casas

Wendys definitely won. However, im just mad Ronald basically said apple was better than android lol, so he was easily last place

sun kayastha

Oh that was a 💕💕💕💕 fairytale 😂


I'm guessing u like lost

Jackson Hill

I did it faster than everyone

Alisha Jonas

It reminds me of the Indian movie taare zameen par


That's Not How Gravity Works



Lay paw

Do a Face reveal of Panda please somebody agrees

Elizabeth White

My mom is apparently a badass, so she actually didn't have any trouble giving birth at all. But still, according to her, birth feels like...

The Dragon Artist

I never had depression but I was very depressed as a kid,I was lucky enough to have grown if with my moms wonderful cat,she was my best friend and was always there for me,when I felt like the world was breaking apart and I felt like I would never be happy Suki some how always knew when I was sad and would lay next to me purring and smiling begging for attention,she changed those nights from me crying myself to sleep to smiling with a happy heart knowing she had my back.2 years ago I watched her die in my arms,she was very old and very sick.She wasn't just a therapy animal,she was my best friend and I loved her with all my heart.

Sean Meek

i always kill the people at the bacchus place


Nyc as always

Jaden Pabon

@Dude Perfect what is that song called


Super Humans right here!!🤩🤩

anonymus aj

I'm crying


I'm a woman but this description makes me uncomfortable....

Soo why the hell you smoke

Heatwave Gaming

this isn’t even DP it’s the Gould Brothers

Kiss a homie gn

do you find all easter eggs by yourself?


Fuckin nigga

Ilya Kiselyov

Both good guys, good to u respect each other!

Ramarie Glover

Be honest is any of that fake if I can believe that somebody will make that many trick shots without any misses.