Maya + Lucas || Their Evolution [CC] - YouTube

Maya and Lucas through the end of season two.This is simply to put their connection in production order.{Includes some commentary}Check out my other Lucaya vids, if you're up for it!Tumblr: QueenHap.tumblr.comAny episodes lacking their scenes were cut out.Texas, New Years, and Legacy scenes are only the highlights (because the episodes are Lucaya-centric).

Alex Jaensson

I have one near my house here in indiana its called skyzone


guru speak Spanish

Ama Dicastanado

I need to know I want to knoe

TO Gaming



i shouldve bought this game instead of ps2 ghost recon-_-

Rhys Neal

How weird is it that someone called them and they had their paintball stuff with them 😂😂

Michael A. Hayes

Excellent Video, Truly Enjoyed it.

like geez get some new outfits lol put on some clothes she’s desperate


Walk man challenge? I'm getting that vibe from this video lol

Kim 12245

I say the nfl were goi g to win

Crybaby Culture

I know nothing about left 4 dead 2 did they really use futurama characters or is that just a hack?

Luis Lujano

you guys need to give gar some more spotlight


holy shit what

dyllan ignacio

2:47 I think Michael Jordan is back

Filiberto Mares

Max Living on a Prayer is Bon Jovi not Journey.

Maxplayz Roblox

the video ends in 3:44 thank me later

Milkyway backup

🍑🍊🍁 🔥 PEACHY ORANGE 🔥🍁🍊🍑

Supreme and justice

What a nice animation

Me: every hobo might have played fortnite.

Whiskey Man

Why tf would u send pics like that. Ur nothing better than him


This sounds like fanfic

Jakob Finney

Talk about bad kicking let's talk about the lax skills lol brutal


Flip a colored pencil

Puppy’s and Me

Did you build axl

A henley

desean jaxson

Mr. Flipper Dude

Seeing all those kids smiling is the best part of the video

I have heard rumors that death was real, so who knows. Watch your back people, watch your back.

Feisty Firefly

So like


The jurrasic movies

Arkar L. Naing

Crystal clear! Bravo.

Godly Demized



I've been there before the fudge is really good


5:15 "Is this the real life. Is this just fantasy. Caught in a landslide, or escape from reality.." Get the reference.. No? Ok I'll leave..

Clayton Gilchrist

what happend panda

Kathrin Junk

Regarding the layered need to stir it, so that the components get mixed ;-)

and i probably have more alergicd

JJAC Gamon

F**k it.Rodgers already broke his collar bone

Tristan Patterson


Gio Sanchez R

Plz tell me is your mom ok


Well boys we did it 3DS is no more

Adam Reeder

Chicken salad sandwich

Creepy Kid

When i saw the ori one my skin crippled. Ori was such a great sadly underrated game!


Can u make one for splinter cell or newer cods