Mark Knopfler on Guitars

Taken from “Soundbreaking” documentary © 2016 Higher Ground

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Did anyone else notice the Dexter reference in the GTAV easter egg? At 11:15 the two paragraphs under the name "Mitch Dexter" not only mention the name Dexter but also mentioned the town "Naples". If you watch the show you would know that Naples is the town where Dexter went to confront the guy that killed his mother. I thought this was pretty neat.


We're watching this with my son in the room and we're asking him if there is anything else we can do to make him best child. His dad just keeps saying "you are unique and special" at random, and now my 9 year old is trying to blackmail me... suggestions?

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பார்த்தசாரதி பார்த்தசாரதி

plz do paper airplane trickshots

Pacman wisdom


Luiggi Raborg

remind me of angry birds

sadie cat tv

Prayers to new York city


the one with the sugar glass of the head seemed almost like he messed up but it still worked

I wish theres no class in school so i can lay in my bed all the time and trying to be happy like i am back then I just wanna be happy.. but i cant... can someone help me..

Natalia DeJesus

Craig Xen isn't getting the clout he deserves 🤷‍♀️😩 he had a really good verse.


I think that car is a car that can travel in time

Day 5 Pain

Jaxon Felix

yes he will

Yesterday, my mother sat me and my six year old brother down onto our bed. She was slightly smiling, so I thought she was finally going to get a phone for me or something. I tried not to show my excitement. Then my mom said, “I-I’ll try not to cry, kids, but...” then I knew something was wrong. She then said, “You know how I love you kids a lot, right?” We nodded, and said “And we love you too!” I was a little worried, but my mom wasn’t telling me anything yet.

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Barnie love you long time


Happy new Year Guru


Well, I don't even ask why you sound so tired but awesome video and please mak more "Voice overs" because your voice is awesome!

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1:42 :DDDDD

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Natasha Yarbrough




Donkey Balls

This game used to be fun to play and now it sucks


I Can Relate To This

cause its the best anime of all time


There's also a chainsaw in the abandoned movie set.

vijay channel ricardo

I download your game let's nice my real name is Jordan Ricardo

Love youre videos! :)

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My favorite dude prefect guy is Cory please give me a shout out Cory

Life is like a bear

Jamie Patterson



What an ungrateful girl!

Abraham Lincoln

Spend a day with SMOSH?