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Maestro Ennio Morricone and his timeless masterpieces.NEW Video: Ennio Morricone “The Spaghetti Westerns Music”#EnnioMorriconeMusic #SpaghettiWesternMusicSergio Leone, one of the greatest movie directors of all time wonderfully soundtracked by his friend Maestro Ennio Morricone.1. Watch Chimes 0:00 2. The Ecstasy of Gold - feat. Edda Dell'Orso 1:08 3. The Good, the Bad and the Ugly 4:28 4. A Fistful of Dollars - Main Theme 7:09 5. Once Upon a Time in the West - feat. Edda Dell'Orso 10:06 6. For a Few Dollars More 13:13 7. A Fistful of Dynamite - feat. Edda Dell'Orso 17:03 8. The Sundown 21:42 9. My Name is Nobody 23:00 10. The Wild Horde 26:08 11. Man with a Harmonica 28:49 12. A Fistful of Dollars - Prima 32:18 13. The Trio 34:07 14. The Strong 41:22 15. Farewell Cheyenne 43:46 16. Jill 46:24 17. My Fault? 48:10 18. Chapel Shootout 52:57 19. Good Luck, Jack 55:16 20. Chase 21. To el Paso 22. Cavalcata 23. Final Duel 1:00:19 24. The Bird's Tale 1:02:46 25. The Story of a Soldier 1:03:38 26. Father Ramirez 1:07:08 27. Two Against Five 1:10:46 28. Prison Break 1:18:08 29. My Name is Nobody - Version 2 1:20:50 30. A Dimly Little Room 1:29:40Special thanks to Edgar ALEGRE (first comment below) for his kindness.Sergio Leone Greatest Western Themes of All TimeiTunes

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