Machine Learning and Human Bias

As researchers and engineers, our goal is to make machine learning technology work for everyone.

ZettaSlow -

Link to the song?

Ashviper Wolf


Diyok Jemi

And ty win 😀

Akash Nagabhirava


tmz songs


Ramazan Berk Özmen

0:06 wohho

Eat that pussy 445

Atlesast u planted a new tree so sweet


Of course ty would take the shot


What a coincidence. I literally just finished the game and then see this in my subscriptions, what a treat!


oof that privelage comment should of been part of the challenge

Facundo Gauna Díaz

Giant baseball

Owen Dillon

should've call the police, being abused by a parent isn't right, you shouldn't hide it you tell someone you truly trust, like in this case your dad would be someone who could've got you out of this situation sooner.Or even told the therapist about it. also that guy you sleep with has no right to treat like and abuse you being like that need to sent to court or jail, you shouldn't of let him get a way with it otherwise he's going to abuse other women just like you, probably even worse than your if your in situation people like she was don't hide tell someone, especially men who mostly think they can deal with it themselves and think that they don't need help from overall actually it's better to someone, than letting it continually getting worse over time. To fair i personally think it's more brave to tell someone than just pretend it never to anyone out there in her situation please tell some because it doesn't matter what age you are still have voice to have better life where you feel safe.



Lena altaher

Team necklace

BTS 7 boys who ruined my life

Ur mom is wearing a saree.

Evan Frankowiak

Do you perfect should have more face-offs in more stereotypes and more battles


Dad: Whats up son.

Agil Samsung


Savannah Gann

Do board game/game nights stereotypes

Marwan Ayyad

FUCK Easter Eggs 

Grace Baptist church

School Stereotypes

hunter 5657

Let's gooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo0o0p0o0o0o0o0k0o0kooo

lucky luna

I don't know what's wrong whit my body but I can't gain weight I mean like I'm skinny but I can't become fat no matter how hard I try I feel concerned about it.....


that twist ending tho! :o

Sheldon Vopat

Glow in the dark Nerf battle ww3 style

Leeum Nguyen

Tyler should have won

Animal Lover

Can you please give Him one more Chance PLEASE

Ian O'Malley

Anyone watching in 2019 still waiting for number two

Tor Nilsson



Not Bowser's Tower.

Harper Conley

Have a fun life boys